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“The history of Tellius is a history of warfare, or so the troubadours sing. It is a history of unending conflict between the beorc and the laguz, a history penned in blood and scarred by mistrust. The beorc fight with the weapons of man--the sword, the axe, the lance, and the magic arts... while the laguz, able to transform into beast, bird, and dragon, are weapons unto themselves. Both were created equally by the goddess, but neither race has ever accepted the other. The heron prince Rafiel, the wolf queen of Hatari, Nailah, and her vassal, Volug. Is the Dawn Brigade's meeting with these three laguz chance...or a sign of things to come? Micaiah can only wonder.”
—Opening Narration

The Lost Heir is Chapter 5 of Part 1 in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Jill, Zihark and Tauroneo are NPCs and cannot be recruited, but if they die, you fail the chapter. This means you have to make sure to heal them with Laura and try to kill enemies before they get chance to kill Jill or Zihark.

  • Initial Enemy Units: Easy: 19, Normal: 27
  • Easy: Micaiah, Sothe or Volug dies, NPC dies
  • Normal/hard: Micaiah, Sothe or Volug dies, NPC dies, protected area is captured


Shop Bargain[]


Name Value Requirement Obtain
Sothe *** - 10,000G
Nailah *** - See note below
Laura and Aran * Aran must be recruited and alive, and Laura must be alive -
Dawn Brigade * Edward, Leonardo and Nolan must be alive -

Note: Even though it appears that viewing the conversation with Nailah recruits Volug, he will automatically be recruited when the chapter begins, even if the conversation was not viewed.

Bonus Experience[]

  • Clear: (easy/normal: 400), (hard: 200)
  • Turns (10 turn time limit): (easy/normal: 100), (hard: 50)
  • Friendly Army Experience (experience green units are supposed to gain is converted into Bonus Experience)


  • Vulnerary (enemy drops)
  • Concoction (Hidden Treasure, 2 east, 13 north)
  • Coin (Hidden Treasure, 10 east, 5-6 north)
  • An enemy Soldier has one Master Seal with him. Use Sothe's Steal to obtain it. This is somewhat easy on Easy mode, but in Normal/Hard the chapter ends in 6 turns, so you'll probably have to act quick. Also, if you're going to try to kill the boss, you'll also have to act quick on Normal/Hard mode.
  • The enemy boss possesses an obtainable Shine Barrier, use Sothe's Steal as well. Act quickly too.


Secret Book (Artwork)
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

In this chapter (on easy mode) if preferred, you can healer abuse your characters, by killing all of the enemies except for the boss and a healer, and have your units constantly attack them with weak bronze weapons. If one of your units can double attack the healer, then have that unit rescue another unit, this will cut that unit's skill and speed making him/her only able to attack once and have a lower chance of hitting the priest. Repeat this until you run out of weak weapons, or if all of your units are really strong and can kill the priest even when they have someone rescued.

As for the boss, have a unit equip with a 1 range weapon stand where the boss can hit him/her, but he/she can't counterattack (if preferred), and let the boss constantly attack that unit. If that unit gets hit, then heal him/her with Laura. Repeat this until the boss runs out of weapons, then just put him out of his misery.