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The Northroad

The Northroad is a location in Ylisse that first appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.



The Northroad is the battlefield that appeared in Chapter 2 and it is a roadway in Ylisse that connects Southtown to Ylisstol. It is the area that the Shepherds fight against the Risen Soldiers to get through to Regna Ferox. Sumia finds and tends to an injured pegasus while Chrom and the other Shepherds are under attack by the Risen.


In Fire Emblem Fates, this map is used for the Before Awakening DLC map. One day, Felicia/Jakob informs Corrin that they saw Invisible Warriors heading through the Dragon's Gate. Afraid of the damage they could do to one of the outside realms, Corrin and their forces decide to give chase and wind up in Ylisse. They encounter Chrom, Frederick, and Lissa who were out on patrol. After seeing the invisible forces, Corrin and Chrom's crew team up and take them down.

Chrom extends an invitation to Corrin, asking if they want to join the Shepherds but they decline the offer. If Chrom, Lissa, and Frederick are not forced to retreat during the battle, Chrom decides to gift them the Exalt's Brand and Hero's Brand as thanks. Regardless of the results, Corrin and their army head back to their world. In the meantime Chrom and Lissa find an unconscious person lying in the middle of the road. The two decide to investigate the stranger, leading to the beginning of Awakening.

Shop Items

Fire (540 G)

Thunder (630 G)

Wind (450 G)

Flux (540 G)