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The Path is Yours (The Hand that Opens the Future in the Japanese Version) is Chapter 6 of Fire Emblem Fates.


With the death of Queen Mikoto, the barrier protecting Hoshido dissipates, allowing the Nohrian army to invade Hoshido. Although still grieving for their fallen mother, the Hoshidan siblings and Corrin leave to the Plains of Hoshido where they encounter the Nohrian army. The Nohrian royal siblings were worried for Corrin as they had disappeared after the battle at the Bottomless Canyon and are relieved to see them well. However, the Hoshidan royal family is not happy to see them acting friendly to Corrin as it was King Garon who had kidnapped Corrin in the first place. While Xander admits that they may not be family by blood, the Nohrian royal siblings still see Corrin as their sibling.

Both families beckon for Corrin to return to them, leaving them with a tough choice. Do they remain with their blood siblings or return to their adoptive siblings? Or do they risk becoming an enemy to both to find another way? The path is yours to choose.


This is the final chapter of the Prologue, but it is not a complete chapter per se as it only contains dialogue and no actual battle. Instead, it serves as the branching point for Fates as the player is forced to choose their path at the end of this.

Once this chapter has been reached the first time, subsequent playthroughs can skip all chapters prior to this one and start from the decision at the end.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


  • In the Japanese version, this chapter shares its name with the prologue.