Before BattleEdit

  • Anna: Get yourselves together! We need to get on the road immediately. A Hero will soon appear at Vaskrheim.
  • Sharena: I wonder if it'll be someone we already know...
  • Anna: There's no telling. What we do know is this: this Hero has manifested thanks to the hopes of a great number of people...
  • Alfonse: This Hero was summoned in response to a rite held in a far-off world...yet arrived here, not there. Come. Let us meet this Hero, one who carries the wishes of so many...

Scene transition

  • Mia: Well, look who it is! Good thing I've been training hard. Let's spar!
  • Ike: When the opponent is strong, it's satisfying to test your skills against them. Prepare yourselves!
  • Anna: It's time to demonstrate our strength to the Brave Heroes who guard this temple!

After BattleEdit

  • Anna: A fine demonstration of strength. And now...

Screen fades momentarily

  • Anna: There it is! A sure sign of summoning. The Hero should arrive any moment...
  • Sharena: Ooh, I can barely stand it! Who do you think it will be?

Screen fades again

  • Alfonse: The Hero that the people now among us.
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