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*Turn 19, from the northwest
*Turn 19, from the northwest
**1 Bishop L8 w/ Lightning, Silence, Physic
**1 Bishop L8 w/ Lightning, Silence, Physic
*Turn 21, from the northeast:
**1 Bishop L8 w/ [[Divine]], Silence, Physic

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“At the request of King Mordred, Roy headed for the Tower of the Saint on the outskirts of Aquleia. The Tower of the Saint was a place of worship for Saint Elimine, one of the Eight Heroes. In the tower lay various holy relics relating to her. However, the sacred tower was under the control of Bishop Windam, who had rebelled against the Elimine Church by Roartz's orders.”
—Opening Narration

The Pinnacle of Light (至高の光 Shikō no hikari, also known as The Heavenly Light) is Chapter 16x of Fire Emblem: Binding Blade.

To enter this chapter, Douglas must survive Chapter 16: Retaking the Capital. At the end of this chapter, you get the Light magic, Aureola.


Standard, but streaks of light will go down the map every so often, inflicting damage on any unit they touch. It is possible for these hits to strike a critical. They also go down the map in vertical lines and never go through the throne.

Initial Enemies

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Turn 8, from the northwest:
  • Turn 10, from the northeast:
    • 1 Bishop L8 w/ Divine, Silence, Physic
  • Turn 19, from the northwest
    • 1 Bishop L8 w/ Lightning, Silence, Physic
  • Turn 21, from the northeast:
    • 1 Bishop L8 w/ Divine, Silence, Physic


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Retaking the Capital
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