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“One thing could always be said about Galder Harbor, the mainland port nearest Talys: it never had much in the way of riches, but neither did it have much trouble. All that changed when a pirate crew fell upon the town and made it their hideout. Here, in Galder, history records Marth's first steps toward freeing his homeland.”
—Opening Narration

The Pirates of Galder is Chapter 2 of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. This is the first chapter where you can recruit enemies (Darros and Castor).

Enemy Reinforcements

There are no reinforcements.


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Items Price
Iron Sword 400
Iron Axe 320
Steel Axe 700
Hand Axe 540
Hammer 1100
Iron Bow 440


  • Darros - A pirate wanting to start a new life, a solid unit that can become a very nice Berserker if he survives. Usage varies with player opinion since any of the 3 fighters you receive in this level can be promoted and then reclassed to Berserkers, and Darros ends up with very low speed at the end, unlike the fighters you get at the start of the chapter.
  • Castor - A hunter who has resorted to working for pirates to buy medicine for his mother. He can be a great Horseman when promoted., although his health is not very good.
  • Ogma - A powerful Mercenary that joins you at the beginning of this chapter. He is much better than the other playable mercenary, Caesar.
  • Bord, Barst, and Cord - Average Fighters but some of the only ones you can get in the game. Usage varies on which weapons you prefer (in this level) since they all have different sets of weapons. Barst starts out as the best but has relatively the worst growth rates. Cord surprisingly has magic growth rates and good potential for a mage, since his strength and HP rates are too low to be of much use.
  • You can get Caeda to briefly talk with Ogma in this chapter.


  • You can get a Steel Sword (dropped by the boss), and collect 5000 gold from the villages.
  • Watch out for Castor and Darros, who can be recruited. Try not to kill them. Move Marth into Darros' range, and Darros will talk to him and join you. Talk to Castor with Caeda and he will join you. Be sure to keep her out of range of the enemy Hunters. One thing to mention is that if Caeda gets in Castor's range before recruiting him, Castor can attack her, and probably kill her as well.