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“King Hayden apologizes for being unable to spare soldiers. However, he does provide Eirika with a small but trusted party of vassals. Eirika is grateful for the king's aid. Chasing rumors of her brother, she sets out for Grado. The group's first stop is the remote village of Ide, which was, until very recently, a part of Renais. Here, Eirika sees the devastation of Renais with her own eyes.”
—Opening Narration

The Protected is Chapter 2 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.



  • On turn 3: 2 Brigands appear north of the South Western Village.



Dropped Items



Name Uses Cost
Slim Sword 30 480
Iron Sword 46 460
Slim Lance 30 450
Iron Lance 45 360
Iron Axe 45 270


Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
  • Turn 1: Have Vanessa rescue Ross and Moulder move to Vanessa after she has rescued Ross. Eirika visits the village closest to her while everyone else slowly makes their way down.
  • Turn 2: Have Moulder Take and drop Ross and have Vanessa rescue Garcia (Fighter). Let Vanessa move directly under the middle of two forests next to the mountains. Have Eirika move to the next village. Move Gilliam left of the armory, Seth above the Fort, and Franz below Gilliam. Make sure that Franz has his sword equipped. Ross will heal himself during the other phase.
  • Turn 3: have Vanessa Drop Garcia, Eirika talk to Ross, and Ross talk to Garcia in that order. As fast as you can, move Seth to the village to the south-west. Let Gilliam guard near the Brigand reinforcements. Keep Moulder near your main force!
  • Turn 4: Their archer will come around now, so keep Vanessa on the other side. Let Seth visit the village and be done with it. Move all of your forces attacking or near the reinforcements. Seth should be next to a mountain after his extra movement. Bone should attack him. If the Reinforcements attack Eirika, then they are either dead or close to death.
  • Turn 5: Let Franz kill the archer and Seth Finish bone if he is alive, and if not then have him kill the other bandit. It doesn't matter if Bone was alive this turn, you will win. if not, then next turn let either Ross kill the person or Franz.