Paralogue 23: The Radiant HeroEdit


  • Robin: I stand corrected. It seems the rumors of a hidden village were true...
  • Chrom: Indeed. But could a descendant of the Radiant Hero truly reside here? I still have my doubts.
  • Robin: What all do you know about this Radiant Hero, anyway?
  • Chrom: Only what the legends tell—that he's an unparalleled warrior from another world. They say he felled thousands with a divine blade blessed by Ashera herself.
  • Robin: Interesting. Then if his descendant exists and possesses even a tenth of his skill...
  • Chrom: Exactly. Strength like that could be of great use to us.
  • Priam: This assumes he would even fight for you. A bold assumption, that.
  • Robin: Wha—?! When did you...?
  • Chrom: Who are you?
  • Priam: I'm Priam. ...The hypothetical descendant you were just going on about.
  • Chrom: What? Well met, then! I'm Chrom, of Ylisse. I apologize if I sounded presumptuous. Though I see I was clearly correct in my assumptions about your strength...
  • Priam: Flattery is cheap, friend. Very cheap. So, to what do I owe the honor? A royal's come all this way just to enlist me?
  • Chrom: Yes, actually.
  • Priam: Interesting. But I've little interest in following someone else's orders. ...Unless they're handed down by a man who can fight for himself.
  • Chrom: And if I prove I'm such a man?
  • Priam: Prove it and see.
  • Chrom: Heh. Right to the point, I see. ...I think I like you already. Very well. I accept!

Engaging PriamEdit

  • Priam: Heh. I'm impressed. Now show me what you're made of! (with any unit)
  • Priam: Heh... Y-you're good... (upon defeat)

After BattleEdit

  • Priam: Seems I've been a big fish in a small pond for too long. It's time I saw the open sea again. Sign me up.
  • Chrom: Excellent. And welcome aboard.
  • Knight: Y-you're leaving us, Priam? But we'll be adrift without you! You were the inspiration of every man here! ...And a true friend.
  • Chrom: That man wears a Valmese knight's armor. And there's a Feroxi swordsman. I also see one of Ylisse's pegasus knights. ...And is that a Plegian wyvern rider?! You've a small army here, Priam! How did this happen?
  • Priam: They came to challenge me and never left.
  • Knight: We'll not hold you back, Priam. This world has need of men like you. But do us the honor of one last match before you set sail!
  • Priam: Ha ha! All right, you're on! ...Er, sorry, Chrom. I'll try to make this quick.
  • Chrom: He actually means to challenge them all. Regardless of skill or the crest they bear, he treats them as peers. Despite the violence, I can see a kind of peace in it. ...A brotherhood. Perhaps he'll help us craft a world where this is the only sort of fighting left.
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