“Intent on the Imperial capital, the Kingdom army goes around the Oghma Mountains and marches through Alliance territory as they continue south. But this route takes them through the territory of House Gloucester--Imperial supporters--so they request help from Claude, the leader of House Riegan. Claude agrees to distract House Gloucester's soldiers, and the Kingdom army marches onward toward the Great Bridge of Myrddin to cross the Airmid River, which separates the Alliance and the Empire.”
—Opening Narration


Rodrigue recounts to Byleth how his elder son Glenn was slain in the Tragedy of Duscur and how nothing can bring back the dead. Lamenting how the dead never truly let go of their grip on the living, Rodrigue implores Byleth to rein Dimitri's manic desire for revenge in. With the blessing of Claude and House Riegan, the nascent Faerghus army marches to seize control of the Great Bridge of Myrddin from Imperial foces. On the way, Dimitri declares his intent to wipe out the entire Imperial garrison, to Byleth's continued concern. Dimitri scolds Byleth asking what he would do if he was put in the same scenario if he would feel any emotion or do nothing if he saw the people who took everything that was held dear to him and even brings up Jeralt's death asking did he not deem the woman who killed Jeralt to be unforgiveable and he was most certain that Byleth did and took the sword to take revenge and Byleth can admit it or deny it. If Byleth does deny it, Dimitri will continue to scold and says that they were the same. If Byleth does admit it, Dimitri will say that it was precisely his point and they were both the same. Felix berates Dimitri for continuing to add to the body count, but Dimitri refuses to listen.

The Kingdom army engages the Imperial army and successfully conquers the bridge and kills General Ladislava. Early in the battle, if Byleth helped peacefully suppress a rebellion in Duscur five years prior, Dedue unexpectedly reinforces them. He explains that after he was presumed dead in Fhirdiad, he was rescued by his brethren and nursed back to health, and has been waiting for the opportunity to rejoin Dimitri. Dimitri orders him never to throw his life away again. After the battle, a somewhat unnerved Dimitri convinces himself that the men he killed were just monsters masquerading as humans. Fleche approaches the group in the guise of an ordinary maiden and asks to  the Kingdom army in order to avenge her brother; Dimitri, unaware that she is Randolph's sister, accedes to her request.

Initial enemiesEdit


After turn 2 or the player's units get close enough to the fortress. Appears near the player's starting position

Fortress reinforcements

When approaching Ferdinand / Paladin


  • 1x Archer on the ballista, arrives same turn as the first fortress reinforcement
  • 1x Paladin by Ladislava, arrives every other turn (sooner on Hard and Maddening)

Recruitment Edit

Dedue will only rejoin if the War for the Weak paralogue was completed before the end of Chapter 12. Otherwise, he is dead.

If Lorenz was recruited before the end of Chapter 12, he can be re-recruited here by defeating him with any unit, then choosing to spare him - in this case, he will join at the end of the chapter.



Secret Book (Artwork)
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