“We'll take that opportunity to make our way through Gloucester territory and launch a surprise attack on the Great Bridge of Myrddin.”


After Judith and House Daphnel join the Alliance army, Claude explains his plan to convince Count Gloucester to join their cause. While his retainer Nardel distracts Count Gloucester and draws him to the north of his territory, the combined army of the Alliance and Knights of Seiros will march through Gloucester territory and take back the Great Bridge of Myrddin from the Empire, thereby removing the threat that caused Gloucester to join the Empire.

Initial EnemiesEdit


Armored Knight=3

Fortress Knight=4

Dark Mage=1


Demonic Beast=1


Wyvern Lord=1




After turn 2, Acheron, three armored knights two cavaliers will appear close to where your units were at the start.

After turn 3, one Bishop, two paladins and two mages will appear near Ferdinand.

Items Edit

Strategy Edit

Secret Book (Artwork)
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