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“Careful, love. We traders are known to slash more than prices.”
Anna to Victor

The Secret Seller (The Secret Peddler in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 2 of Fire Emblem Awakening. Completion of Chapter 5 is required to access this Paralogue. This chapter takes place in The Twins' Turf.

Paralogue Information

A local overpass has been barricaded by Barbarians led by Victor. Anna is protecting a village from the brutes, but does not have much time.

If the player has not completed Chapter 8 The Grimleal, this map will provide the tutorial for villages.

If the player has completed Paralogue 4 and has recruited Anna, there will be a special dialogue with Chrom and the NPC Anna on the map and after the map has been cleared.


The script for this chapter can be found here.