“Roy ventured deep inside the Temple of Seals. Apparently, there was something else hidden there other than The Binding Blade. However, Pereth, one of Murdock's best lieutenants, was already inside the temple and waiting to ambush Roy.”
—Opening Narration

The Silencing Darkness (黙示の闇 Mokushi no Yami lit. The Darkness of the Revelation) is Chapter 21x of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It is playable if Chapter 21 is cleared within 30 turns with both Melady and Zeiss alive and recruited. Upon clearing this chapter, the S-ranked darkness tome Apocalypse is acquired.

Initial ForcesEdit

  • Pereth (Boss) L17 Druid w/ Nosferatu
  • 3 L20 Mercenaries w/Steel Swords
  • 2 L18 Mercenaries w/Steel Sword
  • 2 L20 Mercenaries w/ Lancereavers
  • 1 L19 Merceanary w/ Light Brand
  • 2 L10 Heroes w/ Brave Swords
  • 1 L10 Hero w/Silver Swords, Vulneraries
  • 2 L10 Heroes w/Silver Swords
  • 1 L12 Hero w/ Armorslayer
  • 2 L18 Shamans w/ Nosferatu
  • 2 L19 Shamans w/ Fenrir
  • 1 L19 Shaman w/Flux
  • 1 L6 Druid w/ Nosferatu
  • 1 L10 Druid w/ Fenrir
  • 1 L8 Druid w/ Silence, Fenrir, Physic
  • 2 L8 Snipers w/Silver Bows
  • 5 L7 Snipers w/Steel Bows
  • 1 L6 Sniper w/Steel Bow
  • 1 L10 Sniper w/ Killer Bow
  • 1 L19 Archer w/Steel Bow
  • 2 L19 Knights w/Steel Lances, Javelins
  • 2 L19 Knights w/ Axereavers, Javelins
  • 2 L12 Generals w/Silver Lances, Hand Axes
  • 1 L10 General w/Silver Lance, Hand Axe
  • 1 L12 General w/ Horseslayer, Hand Axe
  • 1 L10 Berserker w/ Devil Axe, Hand Axe


  • This map is a Fog of War map.
  • There are trap tiles scattered about that will inflict a flat 10 damage on a player unit that steps on them. If a Thief steps on these tiles first, they will be harmlessly deactivated.
  • There are some spike traps in the walls that will inflict damage based on the unit's defense. The might of these is 10, so they are not much to worry about, as most units should have more than 10 defense by now. Mages might take some damage, but most units will be unaffected.
  • Some of the treasures are traps, and will spawn a Manakete if opened. The other three chests that are not traps contain Elixirs. The location of the chest contents vary; they could be determined pre-game or decided with Random Number Generation.
  • There is a Druid in the center of the map who carries a Silence staff and will try to use it on your mages as you approach.
  • There are several Druids carrying Fenrir, a powerful Dark tome. Their attacks are best avoided.
  • Roy will change class after obtaining The Binding Blade

The boss of this chapter is Pereth, a Level 17 Druid. He is best taken out with someone who can avoid his Nosferatu or resist it enough that it will not restore his HP faster than you damage him. If you have a well-trained pegasus or bishop unit, he should go down fairly easily.

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