“Arianrhod, the Fortress City, lies on what was once the border between the Kingdom and the Empire and is a valuable strategic asset. Dimitri intends to reclaim it.”
—Opening Narration

The Silver Maiden is Dimitri's Paralogue Chapter in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This chapter takes place at Arianrhod, and is only available on the Azure Moon route.


Dimitri receives word that Arianrhod, also named the Silver Maiden, is in the grasp of the Empire. He believes that the Kingdom will be continually attacked at its weakest points unless the fortress is retaken. There are Imperial reinforcements headed to Arianrhod, which will make it more difficult to take back the fortress, and Dimitri has no idea when they will arrive. At the professor's suggestion to go now, Dimitri agrees.

Availability, Unit(s) and Suggested Level Edit

Available until 8/23

Unit(s): Dimitri

Suggested Level: 37

Initial enemiesEdit

  • Hubert
  • Hanneman/Warlock (if Hanneman was recruited)
  • Manuela/Assassin (if Manuela was recruited)
  • 2x Warlock
  • 2x Sniper
  • 7/10x War Master (Normal/Hard and above)
  • 6x Fortress Knight
  • 3x Bow Knight
  • 6/8x Paladin (Normal/Hard and above)
  • 1x Holy Knight


  • 1x Paladin from the east entrance every few turns, stops when Manuela/Imperial General is defeated
  • 2x Paladin from the south entrance when close enough to Hubert, arrives every turn afterwards


  • Advanced Seal - Dropped by Manuela or her replacement
  • Energy Drop - Carried by the SE most Paladin, must be stolen
  • Elixir - Carried by Hubert, must be stolen
  • Goddess Icon - Carried by the south-most Fortress Knight, must be stolen
  • Umbral Steel - Chest


  • Blue Lion Knights


Secret Book (Artwork)
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[Insert Strategy here]

There are floor traps in several patches on the map that will harm any units standing on them, and there are two levers. The levers are misleading, because even if both are pulled, the traps will still fire. Hanneman or the Warlock in his place is the one controlling the traps and must be defeated in order to deactivate the traps.

Magic users are useful to defeat the heavily armored enemies.

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