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“And it just so happens that in the Sreng Region, there are ruins built to worship a sacred beast that appeared from across the sea. If the ruins have something to do with Saint Macuil, there could be sacred weapons there...”

The Sleeping Sand Legend is Claude's Paralogue Chapter in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This chapter takes place in the Sreng Desert, and is only available on the Verdant Wind route.


While reading a biography of the Four Saints, Claude becomes curious about the life of Saint Macuil. He tells Byleth a legend about the saint in which Macuil departs Fódlan from the east, crossed the sea and vanished. While musing as to where in Leicester territory Macuil could have departed Fódlan, Claude concludes that it is possible that the saint alighted in the Sreng Region, where there are ruins built to worship a beast that appeared from across the sea. Claude convinces Byleth to join him to investigate.

Availability, Units and Suggested Level[]

Available until 8/30


Suggested Level: 33

Defeat Conditions[]

Player is defeated if Claude falls in battle.

Initial enemies[]

There are a total of 18 enemy units, including The Wind Caller and three Giant Crawlers. In the first Player Phase, a group of 5 thieves make up a third army.



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Pretty straightforward until the end. Be sure to bring a unit with the Steal skill so as to take the multiple valuable items when possible, as well as keep them near Byleth (if they do not have Steal themselves) so they can drop off any excess items before stealing from the next target.

Be ready to kill the Wind Caller fast once you have started attacking him. Once the boss is attacked, Wyvern Lords will start spawning frequently from the top and the left edges of the map. On Maddening, this means any unit on the top or left side and not in the walled compound area are probably going to die immediately. Lots of high damage gambits are helpful as he's pretty tanky, hits hard, will potentially double you and has counter attack.

As for the third army thieves, depending on the difficulty they can hold their own. If they don't die, they run towards the bottom corner of the map and stay there.


  • If Flayn attacks The Wind Caller, he will ask why Saint Cethlean is here and Flayn will tell him to hush.
  • On the enemy phase of turn 7 on Maddening, two teams of 2 Wyvern Lord reinforcements will spawn in from the northern & western most points of the map, and another team will spawn in on the enemy phase of turn 9.