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“Having seized the infamous Fort Dandrum, Leif's Liberation Army was keenly aware just how little time remained before the Empire launched its assault on Tahra. Scarcely taking a moment to catch their breath, the Liberation Army kept marching well into the evening, determined to come to the city's defense before it was too late. When they finally arrived at the edges of Dakia Forest, which extends around Tahra's eastern border, it was the dead of night. The thick foliage obscured what little moonlight had been illuminating their path, and the forest was now blanketed in a deep, foreboding darkness...”
—Opening Narration

The Thieves of Dakia is Chapter 12 of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.


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Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.
  • It is recommended that you bring Olwen on this chapter as the lower left house will give a Magic Ring instead of a vulnerary if she visits it.

This chapter is a fog of war chapter, so care should be taken when moving. Mareeta also joins here; let her take on the nearby bandits carefully as they can still kill her but the chance is low she will gain levels and stats fast (especially if you're doing Elite Mode). Leif should be picked up by Karin so he can get over to where Salem is fast. Have the others down below stay in the forest and fight the bandits but be careful as some have the steal skill on them. If Olwen was brought here now is the chance to get her some level ups as right now she is very weak. Be ready to be put to sleep as Salem will start using the Sleep staff until it breaks.

In order to get Chapter 12x, the chapter must be cleared in less than 20 turns, capturing Salem is not needed for the requirement. It is recommended that he is captured however, due to his great utility and his Sleep staff. Capturing him can be sort of hard since, while capturing, units will lose some stats, making his Jormungandr all the more threatening. His build is an incredibly low 4, so a good way to capture him is to have Mareeta do it and hope she does a critical hit or have Leif weaken him from range with the Light Sword then have Mareeta finish it. If the player wishes to obtain Salem's sleep staff, they might want to warp a unit immediately in front of Salem's position (a feat that requires some knowledge of the map) and capture Salem on the very first turn. The player may also obtain an important skill manual from Colho, and may obtain the Heim Scroll and a Silence Staff from the lower and upper houses respectively if the children were rescued in Chapter 11x. Visit the houses quickly as the bandits will destroy them within the first few turns.

Whatever the case, if the player intends on going to chapter 12x it is highly recommended to keep Lara's and Safy's fatigue low enough for them to be able to fight in the next chapter and to have Safy's staff rank at A so she can use the Warp Staff immediately.