The White Heron Cup is a quest in Fire Emblem: Three Houses received from Rhea. Completing the quest allows the player to unlock the dancer class. It can only be completed during Part I: White Clouds in the month of the Ethereal Moon.

Details Edit

"All houses participating in the White Heron Cup must select their representative soon."

Requirements Edit

"The White Heron Cup dance contest takes place at the beginning of week three. Select a student to participate your house by the end of week two. Your selected student may learn a unique way to inspire their allies in combat."

"At the start of week three of this month, the White Heron Cup dance contest will be held. To participate, you must select a representative by the end of week two."

Quest-Giver Dialogue Edit

"The White Heron Cup is a competition of skill and grace in dance. Please encourage your house to participate. That said, if you are serious about winning, be sure to choose your representative carefully."

After Choosing a RepresentativeEdit

"You have chosen your representative for the White Heron Cup. Speak to Manuela for more information about the competition."

"If you speak to your White Heron Cup representative, you can give them one dance lesson. Do so, and their charm will increase."

Quest Completion Edit

"The White Heron Cup sounds like it was a great success. Now we can all look forward to the ball. Enjoy yourself."

Location Edit

Rhea is in the Audience Chamber on the second floor.

Reward Edit

  • Morfis Plum x2
  • Lavender Blend x2
  • 500 Renown
  • 550 Gold
  • (If player wins Heron Cup) Dancer class for the student who participated
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