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The Thief Fighter (シーフファイター Shīfu faitā) is a combat physical class that is unique to the Jugdral Series of Fire Emblem. The original promoted form of Thieves, this class wields Swords as its primary weapons of choice.

Essentially, Thief Fighters are Thieves who, while still assigned the main job of stealing items and money, now have the ability to not only properly defend themselves, but even fare well in some offensive situations.

In later titles, the Rogue class is considered to be the equivalent to the Thief Fighter class and in several english Fan Translations, Thief Fighter is actually renamed Rogue.

History in the Series

In its original inception in Genealogy of the Holy War, the Thief Fighter class is introduced as the promoted form of the Thief class, originally a class that is unable to promote.

In Thracia 776, the Thief Fighter class is again the promoted form of the Thief class. This incarnation of the class is particularly special for Lara; depending on whether the necessary requirements are met, she can promote from a Thief into either the Dancer or Thief Fighter classes. After this title, the Thief Fighter class is retired, though the later Rogue and Trickster classes fill the same niche of a promoted class that retains all functions of the original Thief class.



Thief Fighters are well-rounded fighters compared to their weaker predecessors. If they stick to cover, they can very well take down even the toughest of opponents.


Base Stats

FE430737120537--FE4 Sword.png A
FE518/164/3138/902-76/4-FE5 Sword Icon.png D

Maximum Stats

FE480221822273020187--FE4 Sword.png A
FE580202020202020-2020-FE5 Sword Icon.png A

Growth Rates


Class Skills

FE4Steal (SNES).gifStealBase skill of the Thief Fighter and Thief classes.
FE5Steal (SNES).gifSteal
Base skill of the Thief Fighter and Thief classes.
Class skill of the Thief Fighter class.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE4FE4 Thief Sprite (M).gifThiefChoose the "Class Change" option in the Home Castle when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.FE4 Thief Fighter Sprite (M).gifThief Fighter
FE5FE5 thief.gifThiefUse a Knight Proof (FE5).pngKnight Proof on a Level 10+ Thief.FE5 thief fighter.gifThief Fighter
FE5 (Lara)FE5 Thief Fighter (F) Map Sprite.gifThief FighterIn Chapter 12x, have Lara speak to Perne.FE5 dancer.gifDancer
FE5 (Lara)FE5 dancer.gifDancerUse a Knight Proof (FE5).pngKnight Proof on a Level 10+ Dancer.FE5 Thief Fighter (F) Map Sprite.gifThief Fighter

Notable Thief Fighters

Genealogy of the Holy War

Thracia 776


  • Early translations of Thracia 776 translated Thief Fighters as Rogues after the later class. This is arguably fitting as the two classes look similar and fulfill the same role.
  • In both of Thief Fighter's appearances, their map animations depict them with knives despite the weapon type not being introduced until years later.

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