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Thieves at the Throat is a post-time-skip DLC quest given to Byleth by Balthus in Fire Emblem: Three Houses during the War Phase of any route.

Quest Details

"Requesting aid against thieves in Fodlan's Throat."


"You received a request from Balthus concerning thieves near Fodlan's Throat. He would appreciate your help in defeating them."

Quest-Giver Dialogue 

"It seems some villages out near Fodlan's Throat have been having some trouble with thieves lately. Holst asked for help dealing with the problem. You mind coming along?"

Quest Completion Dialogue

Sorry for dragging you along on that, pal. But hey, would you like to meet Holst sometime? I think he's really interested in you. Maybe we all can meet up the next time we're in his neck of the woods?


Given to you by Balthus near the Pagan Altar in Abyss.



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Talk to Balthus near the Pagan Altar and accept the quest on the player's next day off.