Thracia from Chapter 9

Thracia as depicted in Chapter 9 of Genealogy of the Holy War

Thracia (トラキア Torakia) is a mountainous nation occupying the southern half of the Thracian Peninsula, south of the Manster District. It was founded by the Crusader Dain, the older brother of the Crusader Njörun. At the onset of the series, Travant is king of Thracia.


Thracia is the most southeastern country of Jugdral, being directly south of the Manster District. The castle of Mease is located in northern Thracia, the castle of Kapathogia is located in central Thracia, the castle of Luthecia is located in western Thracia, the castle of Grutia is located in southern Thracia, and the eponymous capital city, Thracia, is located in southeastern Thracia.

Because of the region's rocky soil and hilly terrain, food is scarce and the people are often hungry. Thracians have tried many times over Jugdral's history to conquer the fertile Manster District in order to provide food for their families, but all of the major assaults have been repelled by Leonster's lance knight brigade, the Lance Ritter, colloquially known as the "Wall of Leonster", especially by the Thracians.

However, Thracia is the nation that ridable-sized dragons are native to. Thracian knights who ride the dragons are famous as mercenaries throughout Jugdral, and contribute substantially to the country's income.


The Kingdom of Thracia was founded around the same time the Kingdom of Grannvale, around the time of the Gran Calendar Year 649, and since its creation, it has tried to overthrow the Manster District. However, the "Wall of Leonster" successful repelled their consecutive invasions.

During the Gran Calendar Year 761, the Yied Massacre occurs, which results in the death of Prince Quan, his wife Ethlyn, and half of Leonster's lance knight brigade at the hands of Travant, thus Thracia is able to successfully invade and subdue the Manster District completely under the reign of King Travant during the Gran Calendar Year 762, in which King Calf of Leonster was killed and betrayed by Raydrik of Conote during the Battle of River Thracia. Still, the Kingdom of Grannvale later decides to invade the Thracian Peninsula, and Grannvale, after defeating Thracia, forces them into a peace treaty in which the former Manster District is annexed by Grannvale.

During the time of Seliph's tale, Thracia decides to try to reinvade the Manster District after Seliph's army defeats King Bloom's forces, but Seliph's army is able to stop the invasion, and during what is Chapter 9, Seliph's army is forced to invade and subdue the Kingdom of Thracia due to King Travant continuing to ally with Grannvale.

After Seliph's army defeats the Grannvale Empire, his cousin Prince Leif of Leonster, with the assistance of his sister Princess Altena (kidnapped into Thracia) and Travant's son Arion, successfully merges the Manster District and Thracia into the New Kingdom of Thracia and becomes king.

Characters from ThraciaEdit

Royal Family of ThraciaEdit


  • Hannibal - The "Shield of Thracia", a famous general of Thracia, adoptive father of Coirpre
  • Kanatz - Hannibal's vassal
  • Eda - A Dragon Knight of Thracia, the sister of Dean
  • Dean - A Dragon Knight of Thracia, leaves the Thracian army under Arion's orders to protect Linoan, brother of Eda
  • Magorn - Assisted Travant in the Yied Massacre
  • Papilion - Commander hired by Chagall to fight Sigurd
  • Coruta - Knight that tried to seize Manster
  • Maikov - General under Travant defending Mease Castle
  • Disler - Travant's trusted confidant



The name 'Thracia' came from a province of the Roman Empire, founded around 46 AD.  Thracians were considered barbaric. The first historic record about Thracia is found in The Iliad, by Homer. In The Iliad Thracians are allies of the Trojans during the Trojan War. During the era of the Byzantine Empire, the name 'Thracia' was changed to 'Thrace.'