Throne TCG

Throne in the TCG.

In the Fire Emblem series, many chapters have seizing a throne as the condition for victory. More often than not, the throne is guarded by a boss. The throne provides bonuses to Defense and Avoid for units stationed on it, and the unit will also recover some HP at the beginning of their turn. In the GBA games, it also cures any status condition, and adds +5 to resistance. These defensive bonuses can make bosses much more difficult to defeat than normal enemies, but it also provides an opportunity for Boss Abuse. After the boss is defeated, only the leader of the player's army can seize the throne and complete the chapter.

There are also some chapters wherein the player is required to defend a throne from the enemy. Examples include Chapter 15 (Hector's Mode) of The Blazing Blade. Any enemy can seize the throne, not just the enemy's leader, so the player must take great care to ensure the security of the throne.


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