“Now that you have received sacred power from the goddess, there is somewhere you must pay a visit to at once. You must go to the Holy Tomb so that you may receive a divine revelation from the goddess. ”
—Rhea to Byleth


After Byleth merges with Sothis, Rhea implores them to sit on the throne inside of the Holy Mausoleum. Suddenly, the Flame Emperor appears with the intention of raiding the Mausoleum and steal the Crest Stones inside.

Events of the tomb differ slightly and the story takes a drastic turn. The future of Fódlan hinges on which house Byleth is instructing. All of these changes begins as the Flame Emperor's identity is finally revealed...

Recruitment Edit

Alois - Can be recruited in the Monastery if Byleth is at least Level 15.

If teaching the Black Eagles, this can potentially be the final month to recruit any students from outside of the Black Eagle house. If the Crimson Flower choice is selected, this will be the final month to recruit any remaining students. If the Silver Snow choice is selected, they are given one additional month. This warning does not apply to those teaching the Blue Lions and Golden Deer until the next chapter.

If teaching the Blue Lions, War for the Weak must be completed before the end of the month in order for Dedue to be playable in the Azure Moon route.

Initial EnemiesEdit


Secret Book (Artwork)
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Enemy units will raid the tomb of the Crest Stones there and may or may not raid more than one. The player is tasked to recover as many of them as possible by killing the bandits. If a bandit is carrying more than one Crest Stone, the player will recover all of them upon killing the bandit. Depending on how many are recovered, the player is rewarded with increasingly better rewards.

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