Thrust to the Future is the first of Touma Akagi's side stories in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Story[edit | edit source]

Touma invites Itsuki to watch a play of Masqueraider Raiga at the Toubo Rooftop, as the TV show based on the franchise is holding an audition for the hero, and Touma wants to get into the proper mood. After the play, however, a young boy criticizes Touma for being a fan despite his age, and calling heroes fake. In response, Touma lies and claims he will be the next hero, much to Itsuki's concern.

Deciding to train for the audition, Touma brings Itsuki to Illusory Daitama to defeat some of the Blobs living there, though Cain is confused on what Touma means by "becoming a real hero". Eventually, Touma gets an idea on how to improve his performance, causing his Performa to awaken. After performing a Radiant Unity, Touma heads for the audition. Unfortunately, he fails, and is instead assigned to play the "Bull Genome" at the Masqueraider play. Although disappointed, he cheers up when Itsuki points out that the director personally recommended the role, and that it could be a good way to improve his skills. Touma also promises to apoligize to the boy for lieing when they meet again.

Completing this side story unlocks Touma's Ad-lib Performance Raging Stampede, based on his role as the Bull Genome.

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