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“Everyone is running into battle. However... I always stay at a safe place. I, too, want to fight... alongside them!!”
—Tiena before using the spell Aureola

Tiena is the one of the three main characters of the Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi manga. The headstrong princess of the Lycian territory of Tania, she travels alongside her companions Al and Gant to find the Fire Emblem and ultimately put an end to the war with Bern. She is proficient in healing magic, making her an invaluable asset to her allies. The Marquess of Worde, Lord Ranward, is her uncle. The staff Tiena's Staff in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, is a reference to her.


Hasha no Tsurugi

Prior to the events of the manga when she was a child, Tiena is seen practicing with Gant, in hopes of improving her fencing skills to make up for her inability to grasp healing magic. After losing to Gant numerous times, she decides to reward him by knighting him herself, though Gant and the other knights to do not take the ceremony seriously. They are later shown to have stowed away in a carriage being used by Gant's father, Goldor as they search for bandits. Noticing a bandit trap, she leaves her hiding spot and attempts to warn Goldor of the danger but this forces the bandits to spring the trap in hopes of killing them both. Goldor sacrifices himself in order to save Tiena from the trap, something that Gant blames Tiena for, causing him to resent her, this saddening her greatly. Despite this, when Gant is attacked by a group of bandits as he sets out to leave Tania, she saves his life using heal for the first time, but passes out from a fever. Realizing that she did this to uphold their vow, Gant promises to do the same, protecting her as long as he lives.

Volume 1: Brave Youth

Eight years later, Tiena and Gant attempt to flee Tania as it has fallen to Lycia's neighboring nation of Bern, but this fails and Tiena is captures with Gant forced to ally himself with Bern for her safety. This itself ends up being a lie, as she is sent to Graizel Prison to be executed, but is saved by the combined efforts of Gant, his new ally a boy named Al and Tania's remaining knights being lead by Warren, a knight whom she bequeathed his prized sword. Al questions her on the whereabouts of the Fire Emblem, one of Bern's treasures which had gone missing, and while she does not know anything about it, she believes that her uncle, Lord Ranward would. With Warren and his men choosing to stay behind, the three set off to Worde castle to learn of the location of the Fire Emblem from Ranward.

Along their travels they meet a young thief named Chad who after a botched attempt at stealing Al's sword, has his wounds treated by Tiena. He tells them of Bern's attack on his orphanage, and his plans for revenge, which Tiena sees as foolish. Regardless, that night Chad sneaks off with Al's sword and into a Bern camp, getting himself caught doing so. He is then saved by Tiena, Al and Gant, but both he and Tiena are captured by the leader of the camp who flees in a prison wagon with plans to turn Tiena in. They are saved by Al who causes the wagon to crash, rendering him immobile and vulnerable. Tiena attempts to save Al from their captor who was attempting to use the opportunity to kill him but he stops her attack, though this leaves him open as Al uses the opportunity to cut him down. The danger having passed, Chad decides to leave in search of strong companions who can help him against Bern, while Tiena and company continue onward to Worde.

They make it to a now decimated Worde Castle and happen upon a lone survivor in Danan, a knight of Worde, who inform them of the betrayal of the castle's minister Youzen. Intent on finding saving Marquess Worde from the traitorous minister, the group adopts a plan devised by Danan to get them into Olst Castle where Youzen is located, this is however a trick by Danan who had allied himself with Youzen in order to save his own life. The group are captured and Tiena is reunited with her uncle, but the two are forced to watch as Gant fights in the arena until eventually being forced to fight Al. After Al provokes Gant into stabbing him, upon Youzen's approach, Al calls for Tiena to heal him with her staff which she does giving Al the strength to leap up on cut Youzen down.

Volume 2: World's Finest Knight

The four flee in the ensuing chaos with the help of Danan who had come to regret his betrayal, but Ranward is struck by a magic attack cast by a mage who had been waiting for them. This mage is quickly dispatched thanks to Al and Gant, but it is too late, and as Ranward dies, he reveals Bern's revival if the dragons and pleads to Tiena to find the Fire Emblem. Ranward is buried and Danan opts to return to Worde and start rebuilding, while Tiena and company continue their search for the Fire Emblem.

The group are soon caught up in a battle between the forces of Bern and Ragna, though Bern is successfully routed and the group are invited to see Marquess Ragna, Lord Dovanon. Thankful for their aid, Dovanon agrees to aid them in the future and invites them to stay and rest, and while Tiena and Al take their leave, Gant is asked to stay to speak on another matter. Before long, Ragna is set upon by Bern once again, but this time by one of it's Wyvern riders named Zeed, who is able to capture Tiena before retreating. Unable to get far thanks to damage to the wing of Zeed's Wyvern, Tiena assures him that Gant will come for her. And with the help of Celdia, Gant and Al are both able to find Zeed, and successfully force him to flee. With Tiena saved, the three leave Ragna and continue onward to Ostia.

Volume 3: For Lycia!

On the outskirts of Ostia, the group are attacked by bandits, though soon saved by a Cavalier named Lance who takes them to castle Ostia where they meet Marquess Pherae, Eliwood. He informs them of the reformation of the Lycian League, and the current rebellion in Lycia being lead by the Mercenary Kruzard. Before long, the rebellion returns to attack castle Ostia, and despite hesitation by the other lords to send their own forces, Al, Gant and Lance head out to face them, before leaving however, Al admonishes them for their inaction, which Tiena agrees with when challenged. Upon their return Lance reveals that he was once friends with Kruzard, this leads Al to question Lance on his willingness to fight him, which Lance affirms he is willing to do.

The next day, Gant and Lance head out to face the rebellion in their final battle, though unbeknownst to anyone, Al snuck off in the night hopes of stopping Kruzard. Al, Gant and Lance are ultimately able to successfully quash the rebellion, though Marquess Zem uses the chaos to betray the League and take Tiena and Eliwood hostage. Al and Lance quickly return to the castle to save them, with Lance easily defeating Marquess Zem's General, and while the Marquess managed to escape, he himself is killed by Kruzard who had been spared by Al. Kruzard is then asked to leave Lycia in secret, which he agrees with, though Al assures Lance the two will meet again.

Volume 4: Cross the Sea

In the following days, Lance returns to Roy, son of Eliwood and leader of the Lycian League Army, in the Western Isles while Tiena and company remain in Lycia. This is however until the Mage General of Etruria, Cecilia comes to Lycia with a request of aid from Roy, which while the other nobility are hesitant to offer so soon after the recent battle, Al offers to go himself. Tiena supports the idea, suggesting a small team would be best, which Cecilia agrees with. The three then set sail for the Western Isles, however their ship is stopped by a group of Etrurian Knights who attack the ships captain, leading to a fight. Despite being able to hold his own, Al eventually falls overboard and into ocean, while Tiena and Gant are saved by the Western Isles Resistance's leader Echidna who takes them to their hideout. There Tiena reveals the reason for their being on the Western Isles, which Echidna agree to help them in learning the truth of the isles.

Tiena, Gant and Echidna, head of to confront the Etrurian noble in charge of overseeing the Western Isles, Arcard, but are surrounded by bandits who are working for him. They are saved by Roy and the Lycian League army and joining forces, they continue onward to the Arcards office in Juteaux.

Volume 5: Dominion

There they fight a fierce battle to gain entry into the castle, but are being kept at bay by magic from one of Bern's mages, Jemmie. Gant is however able to break through the gate of the castle using a log from a destroyed battering ram, though he is caught off guard by a Jemmie who is preparing a powerful Elfire spell. He is saved at the last minute by Al who leaps in and slices the spell in half, forcing Jemmie to flee and leaving Tiena, Gant and Al to celebrate their reunion. Before long, Jemmie returns with the dragon Ain in tow, who attack the army but is ultimately defeated by Al's new ally and member of the Western Isles Resistance, Kilmar. Jemmie is however able to flee thanks to the arrival of her bother Zeed.

Unable to celebrate their victory for long, they are informed that Cecilia and the Princess of Bern, Guinivere, who also bares the Fire Emblem, are under attack and holding out in an Old Castle in the Missur. Fearing that they would be too late if they arrived by boat, Al takes a Wyvern left by Bern and flies ahead of the army to Missur, though not before promising Tiena that he won't die.

Volume 6: Fire Emblem

The army eventually arrives in Missur, but it is too late as Zephiel, King of Bern, had already arrived, defeating Cecilia and Al and taking Guinivere. Tiena and the army discover Al's body, unconscious and dying after his fight with Zephiel. They are informed by a Shaman named Sophia however, that Al can still be saved if he is taken to Arcadia in the Nabata Desert.

Volume 7: Resurrection

Tiena chooses to fly ahead with the Pegasus Knights Shanna and Thea, although they are unable to make it all the way as they are attacked by a group of masked figures and separated. Forced to carry Al herself, Tiena happens upon Zeed who had lost the will to continue fighting, and while apprehensive of him at first, Zeed decides to help them make their way to Arcadia. They are however attacked by the dragon child, Fae and separated, though Tiena and Al end up just outside of the village of Arcadia. There Tiena takes Al to the monument of the Archsage Athos, where his body is seemingly destroyed, leaving Tiena in a state of depression. The village is soon attacked by the masked figures again, and while Tiena attempts to fight them, she is unable to match their skill. It is only with the help of a resurrected Al, now imbued with dragon powers that the figures are defeated, though she is only able to recognize him until his personality starts to show.

Tiena and Al are soon able to meet up with the army again, and before long they depart from Arcadia and make their way the Etrurian capital of Aquleia. Along the way they are confronted by the Etrurian Knight General, Perceval, who joins forces with them.

Volume 8: Deathmatch in the Sky, Agony on the Ground

The next day the Lycian League army wage a fierce battle with the forces of Bern and Etruria, and despite Bern's best efforts they are able to retake the captial. For their part in retaking Aquleia, all the members of the League are promoted to higher classes, Tiena being promoted to a High Princess and given the Aureola Tome by Roy. The day after a celebration of the League's victory over Bern, Tiena confronts Al about his intentions to return home. Telling her that he needs to do this in order to confirm something about himself, she allows him to go, and while he departs for home, Tiena and the remainder of the army march for Bern castle to put an end to the war.

Volume 9: Eternal Siblings

The day of the final battle, both armies engage in a furious clash, though at first seems as though the League as the advantage, they or quickly halted by the combined force of Zeed's suicide Squad and Bern's powerful dragons. But before the League can be put on the backfoot, reinforcements from both Lycia and Etruria arrive, Warren, Celdia, Kruzard and Danan among them. Watching as her allies fight valiantly, Tiena resolves to do what she can to aid her comrades. Deciding to put the results of her training in light magic to use, she unleashes the awesome power of Aureola on Bern's dragons, easily decimating them and boosting the moral of her allies. Using Aureloa proves to be too much for her however and she is left in a tired and pained state.

Zeed seizes this opportunity and tries to kill her, but she is saved at the last minute by Gant who takes his attack. Believing Gant to be dead, Zeed states that his sister was killed by the League, and that he should never have trusted Tiena. Gant gets back up, and challenges Zeed to a dual, which Zeed agrees to. Gant gains the upperhand but Zeed is saved by his wyvern and nearly severes Gant's arm, he then lunges in to land the finishing blow but Gant summons all his strength to land a devastating attack on Zeed that sends him flying. Zeed attempts to get up but his body gives in and as he dies he sees visions of his sister who assures him that he does not need to fight anymore. Tiena moarns Zeeds death, lamenting that they could have possibly come to understand one another.

Following a battle between Roy and leader of the Wyvern Generals, Murdock Al returns to the battlefield and comforts Tiena after noticing that she was bothered by Zeed's death. Following a short talk between Roy and Al, the army begin to storm Bern castle.

Volume 10: Dragon's Roar

While Al and Roy make their way to the thrown room to fight Zephiel, Tiena, Gant and Kilmar deal with the enemies outside of the castle. Noticing that the princess is tired and in an area devoid of enemy soldiers, Gant asks that the she rests and though she initially declines this, she relents after Kilmar tells her that she would be a burden if she was unable to move, while she lies down to rest, Kilmar and Gant head back into battle.

Al and Roy are eventually able to successfully defeat Zephiel, leading to the surrender or retreat of the remainder of Bern's army and ending the war. Despite this victory, Al realizes that Tiena has been kidnapped by the masked figures that attacked them in Nabata and electing not to tell Roy, the three head off to save Tiena together.

Volume 11: Separate Ways

The group are then teleported to a cave where they are confronted by the leader of the Black Bone Clan, Audamorze who shows them a chained up Tiena. Telling Audamorze that he will save Tiena, Al does battle with Audamorze henchman "One Horned" while Gant and Kilmar fight a number of masked clones. It is eventually revealed that "One Horned" is in truth, Al's father Magough, leaving Al unable to fight back against him. Gant saves Al from a powerful attack from Magough but is nearly killed himself until Al intervenes by stabbing his father.

Believing he killed his own him, Al is overcome with dispair and transforms into a dragon, but has that power stolen by Audamorze using the Legendary Weapons. Al is unable to touch Audamoze in his new dragon form and is nearly killed until Tiena saves him using Aureola. Al then resolves to defeat Audamorze, and summons forth a blast of energy from his sword that completely destroys him, the resulting light engolfing Al.

Unable to find Al after the battle, the group leave and go their seperate ways, with Tiena and Gant returning to Tania. Together with Gant and her allies Tiena reconstucts Tania. It eventually becoming a prominant and prospourus land in Lycia. Two years later Al returned, seeming as if no time had passed at all and deciding to marry Tiena. The two focused their efforts in bringing peace to people the world over.

The Binding Blade

Although Tiena does not make a physical appearance in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, the staff uses in the early part of the manga does appear in Ch.17A or Ch.17B of the game. If you visit the village to the left of the map of ch. 17A or the village at the bottom left of the map of Ch. 17B you can talk to a villager who will give your her staff, stating that it belonged to a noble lady named Tiena.


Tiena is shown to be a character who deeply values friendship, this being the case ever since she was a child. This was shown when she moarned Zeed's believing that they could have one day come to understand one another. Likewise she is fiercly loyal to her allies, as shown when she was willing to carry Al all the way to Arcadia after being seperated from Shanna and Thea or when even as a child she upheld her vow to protect Gant by healing him when he was on the verge of death. She has also been shown to be refined and polite when the time calls for it, addressing others with respect and calling out Al when he fails to do the same. It is these traits that earn her the adoration and devotion of her of her subjects.

This however does not mean she is a passive, as she will speak her mind when she feels it necessary as she did when speaking to the other members of the Lycian Leage in Ostia. She is also not above resorting to violance when it proves necessary. She has somewhat of a short temper not being one to put up with others foolishness, least of all that of Al often criticizing him for the way he acts and bickering with him. Refusing to sit on the sidelines, she wishes to fight alongside her allies whenever possible, despite her position as a princess. This also leads her to seeking ways to improve herself, be it learning swordsmanship or light magic.

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Tiena - Tania's Light

  • Tiena returned home and with her companion's help, and rebuilt Tania Castle. It rose to prominence in Lycia and beyond, reputed as prosperous territory. Afterward she wed Viscount Eldreed, and, together, they energetically traveled around the world, making efforts to bring peace to the people across the land.

Other Appearances

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)

Tiena is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards: