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Prologue: Ties That BindEdit

Opening Edit

(Azura sings the first lines of Lost in Thoughts All Alone)

  • Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves, destined to seek ♪ Life beyond the shore, just out of reach.

(Azura dives into the water)

  • Azura: Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time ♪ The path is yours to climb.

(Azura dives past all of the building and islands, and vanishes into a portal)

(Scene change, in battlefield, where Xander leading Nohrian troops in battle)(Ryoma fights in battlefield, felling a soldier along the way with Raijinto, before jumping on even more soldiers' heads and cutting down several more in one swing)

  • Ryoma: Nohrian general! You face the high prince of Hoshido, Ryoma! I challenge you to single combat!
  • Xander: I will accept your challenge, "high prince". But I'm no general. I am crown prince Xander of Nohr!

(Xander charges to Ryoma, and Ryoma charges to Xander. After that, both are about to attack with their swords)

(Movie ends)

Gameplay Edit

Opening Edit

  • HinokaCome on, Corrin! We've got work to do.

(Corrin gets hit by a Fighter, miss the counter. Then Hinoka guard Corrin for the fighter's another attack)

  • Hinoka: Corrin, what's the matter with you? You seem distracted... If you're worried, don't be. All your siblings are here with you. The Nohrians don't stand a chance!

Selecting FighterEdit

  • Hinoka: Ready to attack?

End of Player Phase (1) Edit

Ryoma versus Xander Edit

  • Ryoma: I demand to know why you Nohrian dogs are invading Hoshido! Was that cowardly attack on my people your doing as well, princeling?
  • Xander: ...I have nothing to say to you. Surrender now. If you die here.

(Scene transitions to Camilla, Leo, and Elise)

  • EliseOh, no! The bridge collapsed! How can we help our brother/sister now?
  • CamillaNot to worry, Elise. This royal blood in our veins is still good for something!
  • Camilla: You know me too well, dear little brother!

(Camilla uses Dragon Vein to dry the river)

  • Elise: Yaaay, it worked! The river dried up!
  • Camilla: I would never let you down, darling. Now, everyone follow me.
  • Leo: Elise, you're not ready for the front lines. Stay back. Camilla, and I will take care of the Hoshidans.

(Camilla and Leo move closer to the Hoshidan forces, while Elise stays behind)

(Scene transitions to Hinoka)

  • Hinoka: The Nohrian army used a Dragon Vein to dry up the river! But I thought only royals held that power...
  • TakumiYeah, which means there must be some real big shots over there. Suit me just fine. I've always wanted to use a Nohrian royal for target practice!
  • Hinoka: Stay focused, Corrin. The Nohrians brought their heavy hitters this time.

(Hans enters from the left with reinforcements)

  • Hans: Listen up, cannon fodder! We have a direct order from King Garon. He says kill 'em all!
  • Hinoka: Dammit, their reinforcements had arrived! I'll go scout out how many there are. Takumi, Sakura, Stay with Corrin!
  • Takumi: Understood.
  • Sakura: Y-yes. Good idea.

(Hinoka moves)

  • Takumi: Hang in there, Corrin. The Nohrian royals are not pushovers... We'll have to work together to beat them. As the eldest, I guess you're in charge. Tell me what to do and I'll do it.

(Takumi moves)

  • Sakura: Are you hurt, Corrin!? Here, let me heal your wounds!

(Sakura heals Corrin)

(Yukimura enters from the right with reinforcements)

  • Yukimura: Comrades! Do not let them cross this line. We must defend Hoshido.

Beginning of Player Phase (2)Edit

(An enemy Lancer appears near Corrin)

  • Sakura: Oh n-no! An enemy!
  • Takumi: It's an ambush! Sakura, stay back. You aren't equipped to fight.
  • Hinoka: Takumi! Corrin! I'm counting on you two. Work together to defeat that solider!
  • Takumi: [upon selecting] Listen, here's how we're gonna do this! With my bow, I can shoot this one from here. I'll soften him up, and then you can jump in and finish him off. Got it?
  • Sakura: [upon selecting] Be careful, Corrin!

After BattleEdit

(If the Lancer was defeated)

  • Hinoka: Corrin, Takumi, good work fighting off that ambush.
  • Sakura: You were amazing, Corrin.
  • Takumi: That went well. Probably because SOMEONE gave you good advice. ...And you're welcome, by the way.
  • Hinoka: No time to talk! Let's see how Ryoma's doing.

(If the Lancer was not defeated)

  • Hinoka: The enemy is still upon us, but we have bigger fish to fry. We need to retreat. Quickly, to Ryoma!

Closing Dialogue Edit

  • Hinoka: Ryoma, are you alright?
  • Ryoma: I'll be fine. I'm glad to see you're all safe. Enemy reinforcements are headed this way. I want you to get rid of them. Corrin, I'm counting on you to keep Hinoka and the others safe.
  • Xander: Corrin! Thank heavens we found you, and that you're alive and well. Quickly, come join us! Your family has come to take you home where you belong.
  • Ryoma: Quiet, Nohrian filth! Corrin is my brother/sister and a prince/princess of Hoshido!
  • Xander: On the contrary, Corrin is MY brother/sister and a prince/princess of Nohr!
  • Camilla: Corrin! I was so worried about you. Don't ever wonder away from me again!
  • Leo: I'm glad you're OK, Corrin. You must have the devil's own luck!
  • Elise: Yaaay! We got our brother/sister back!
  • Hinoka: Nohrian scum! First you kidnap him/her, now you lied to him/her?! Corrin is MY brother/sister, not yours!
  • Camilla: You are mistaken. Corrin is my sweet little brother/sister. You may not have him/her.
  • Ryoma: Don't be fool by their words. You belong with your true family in Hoshido!
  • Xander: We have loved you and raised you since you were a child. Come home, little prince/princess. We can live as a family once more!
  • Ryoma: Come home to Hoshido, Corrin!
  • Xander: No, Corrin! Nohr is your home!

(Scene fades to white, as someone calls out–"Wake up!")

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