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===Base Stats===
===Base Stats===
{{CharstatFE5/start|image = [[Priest]]|Level = 1|HP = 14|Str = 0|Mag = 3|Skl = 1|Spd = 5|Lck = 15|Def = 0|Bld = 3|Move = 5|LS = 0|MS = 5|PC = 1|Skill = -|Weapon = [[File:FE5 Staff Icon.png|20px]] [[Staff]] - E|Item = [[File:FE5thief.png|16px]] [[Thief Staff|Thief]]<br> [[File:FE5unlock.png|16px]] [[Unlock]]<br> [[File:Staminadrink.png|16px]] [[Stamina Drink]]}}
{{CharstatFE5/start|image = [[File:FE5_priest.gif]] [[Priest]]|Level = 1|HP = 14|Str = 0|Mag = 3|Skl = 1|Spd = 5|Lck = 15|Def = 0|Bld = 3|Move = 5|LS = 0|MS = 5|PC = 1|Skill = -|Weapon = [[File:FE5 Staff Icon.png|20px]] [[Staff]] - E|Item = [[File:FE5thief.png|16px]] [[Thief Staff|Thief]]<br> [[File:FE5unlock.png|16px]] [[Unlock]]<br> [[File:Staminadrink.png|16px]] [[Stamina Drink]]}}
===Growth Rates===
===Growth Rates===

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“Okay, big sister!”
—Tina talking to Safy

Tina (ティナ Tina) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is a Priest of Tahra, and is Safy's younger sister. After Safy's departure from Tahra, she left to find her, but she was captured and held captive by Pirn to help him steal. Her personal weapon is her Thief Staff, given to her by Pirn to take away enemy weapons.

Tina can be very naive at times. She is afraid of bugs, and Pirn often uses them to frighten her.


Base Stats

Starting Class
FE5 priest Priest
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Bld Move LS MS PC
1 14 0 3 1 5 15 0 3 5 0 5 1
Skill Weapon Starting Items
- FE5 Staff Icon Staff - E FE5thief Thief
FE5unlock Unlock
Staminadrink Stamina Drink

Growth Rates

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Bld Mov
40% 3% 50% 25% 65% 90% 5% 5% 5%

Promotion Gains

  • Promotes to High Priest
  • Strength: +0
  • Magic: +3
  • Skill: +1
  • Speed: +1
  • Defense: +1
  • Build: +0
  • Move: +1
  • +1 for Stave Mastery Rank
  • E for Light Mastery Rank



Supported by


Tina is a relatively late recruitment with unique potential. Starting off at level 1 at the arguable halfway point of the game, with stats noticeably inferior to her much earlier recruited older sister, Safy, save her 6 points higher luck, players would immediately be skeptical of her value as a unit, but don't be so quick to immediately bench her. For any troubles with training her, she comes with two personal staves: Thief and Unlock. While the latter is mainly just an emergency item for failing to bring enough keys or a durable enough Lockpick for your thieves, the former is where her usability is truly worthwhile, as it can steal any item from any enemy unit, provided that Tina's magic stat is higher. In case your thieves are lacking in constitution for stealing any of the more valuable items like Master weapons or long-range tomes, this staff can spare them the effort easily, with enemies' general lack of magic and her 50% magic growth. What's more, like most other staves in the game, if Tina's exclusive staves happen to miss, they don't lose any durability, and Tina still gets experience and weapon experience for using them, making it slightly easier to train her. And when she has access to 5 Movement Stars and the highest movement growth in the game (at 5%), who could ask for more? Unfortunately, as a lightweight magic unit, even with a 65% speed growth, she is highly susceptible to being captured or one-shotted, and even when promoted to High Priest, her only methods of self-defense are through Homer's Lightning tome, which runs out fast and can't be replaced until reaching the only shop that sells them in Chapter 22. And useful or not, she's still level 1 when first obtained, so she'll desperately need the Elite Manual if you still have it.

In the end, she is a decent utility unit at worst, or an extremely effective healer (And therefore light magic user, if promoted) with incredible movement at best.


“No... Not...”
—Tina's death quote in Thracia 776.


Tina - The Charming Cleric (おちゃめなシスター Ochamena shisutā)

Even after returning to Tahra, Tina never was able to sit still. Ever oblivious, she would often go wandering about unattended, worrying those around her, especially her sister. Did the day ever come where she would finally settle down? We'll never know, since no such records exist.


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