Chapter 11: To the SeaEdit


  • Corrin: Well, this should be interesting. I've never sailed before. And we made it just in time to catch the last boat leaving the harbor. How lucky!
  • Sakura: I know. It's been such a long march—I'm really looking forward to r-resting a bit.
  • Azura: I wouldn't get too comfortable. Remember, we are on our way to Nohr. Some of the passengers on this ship could be our enemies.
  • Takumi: Yes, and there could be a spy among us.
  • Azura: What are you talking about, Takumi?
  • Takumi: You know exactly what I'm talking about. That whiny little mage from Nohr! Whose idea was it to let him tag along?
  • Zola: Gah! I'm no threat, guys! I promise! Haven't I been helpful so far?
  • Hinoka: Don't worry, Takumi. I've been keeping a very close eye on him.
  • Takumi: I don't know. Didn't he set everyone up back in Izumo? I wouldn't be surprised if he were plotting something.
  • Zola: But...but...
  • Hinoka: OK, I'll get my knife ready...
  • Zola: Eeeek!
  • Corrin: Calm down, everyone. I trust Zola, and I believe you should as well. He stood with us through one battle without stabbing anyone in the back. Besides, how could he even really information to Nohr? It's a preposterous notion.
  • Takumi: Sorry. I can't just take your word for it. I don't trust him.
  • Corrin: That's fine. A little healthy skepticism won't hurt. Just try to be civil, OK?
  • Takumi: I'll do my best.
  • Zola: Lord Takumi...
  • Takumi: What's wrong with you? Did I say that you could speak my name?
  • Zola: Gah! No, sir. I'm sorry, sir.

(Scene transitions to the deck of the ship. Sakura is meeting up with Corrin)

  • Sakura: Well, petty disagreements aside, we've had smooth sailing so far, don't you agree? The captain even says we could reach Nohr tomorrow with favorable winds.
  • Corrin: That's great news. Although, to be honest, I wouldn't mind a longer trip. It's so relaxing out here.
  • Sakura: N-not for me. I've been feeling a little seasick, to be honest. But it looks like you've really taken to the sea. You've been out here for hours!
  • Corrin: Perhaps when all of this is over, I'll buy my own boat... does appear that the weather is turning on us.
  • Sakura: Oh! You're right. Those clouds don't look good. And look at the w-waves!
  • Corrin: Right. Let's head inside before we get soaked!

(The ship is shaken by an impact)

  • Corrin: Whoa. It's really roughs out there.
  • Sakura: Ahhhh! We've stopped moving! How is that even possible? Are you OK, Corrin?
  • Corrin: Yeah, I'm fine. But we really need to get out of here! Maybe there's a problem with the boat. Let's go speak with the captain.

(Strong winds begin to blow over Corrin and Sakura)

  • Corrin: I've never seen a storm come on this quickly. Is this normal at sea?
  • Sakura: I don't think so. I'm s-scared, Corrin. My goodness! Look at the sea! Those waves are massive! This boat is too big to capsize, right? Right?
  • Corrin: Stand back! There's something in the water!

(A whirlpool forms in the middle of the ocean. A transparent figure covered in a glowing aura emerges from there, and lands in front of Corrin)

  • Sakura: Eeeek!
  • Corrin: What is it?
  • ???: Shh...
  • Corrin: Who goes there? Are...are you the spirit who appeared when my mother was killed?
  • ???: Shh...

(Azura appears)

  • Azura: Corrin! What's going on?
  • Corrin: Stay back, Azura!

(The "spirit" tries to attack Azura, but Kaze intercepts him)

  • Kaze: Milady! Are you OK?
  • Azura: Yes, I'm fine. Thank you, Kaze!
  • Kaze: Lord/Lady Corrin! What is that thing?
  • Corrin: Your guess is as good as mine. A storm came out of nowhere, and then this spirit appeared on deck.
  • Azura: Maybe it came out of the water...
  • Kaze: Well, it looks like we have a fight on our hands. Whatever this spirit is, it seems capable of sinking our ship!
  • Corrin: We've come too far for that. Everyone, on guard!

Battle BeginsEdit

(Before Turn 1 ends. Reina appears)

  • Reina: Ah, at last. I can see Lord/Lady Corrin from here. Oh my. Look at them struggling with those spirits. Well, I should be able to help them with that! May my bow strike true and deliver exquisite pain and death upon my enemies!

(If Corrin interacts with Reina)

  • Reina: Hello, Lord/Lady Corrin. I'm glad you're safe and sound.
  • Corrin: I'm sorry, but who are you? And do you realize that we're in the middle of a battle?
  • Reina: Oh, yes, of course. But this type of battle is like a playground to me. I'm Reina, a kinshi knight from Hoshido. Yukimura sent me here to provide you with my special brand of assistance. Specifically, skewering enemies by the dozen. Oh, I wish you could have seen some of the work I did on the way here. The depth of agony was palpable. And the palette of violent vivid. Mmm...
  • Corrin: Uh... What?
  • Reina: I'm talking about the enemies I killed on the way here.
  • Corrin: Ah. I see. And you're not going to kill any of us, right? Just our enemies?
  • Reina: Of course! I'm sorry if you misunderstood. Please, just point me in the direction of anything you would like to die.
  • Corrin: Right. Well, anyone glowing purple would be a good start...

After BattleEdit

(Corrin, Sakura, Takumi and Zola are talking on the deck)

  • Corrin: That's the last of them.
  • Takumi: Ha! Those stupid things didn't know who they were messing with.
  • Corrin: Well, I'm glad to see that you're feeling like yourself again. Takumi.
  • Takumi: Me too. After all, I have a long way to go to redeem myself...
  • Corrin: Takumi, that's simply not true.

(The spirit appears behind Takumi)

  • ???: Shh...
  • Corrin: Look out!
  • Takumi: Hmm?
  • Zola: Lord Takumi! Move!

(The spirit tries to attack Takumi but Zola pushes him aside, taking the hit in his stead)

  • Takumi: He saved me!
  • Zola:'s your chance. Take him out!
  • Takumi: With pleasure. Haaaa!

(His arrow connects, but does no apparent damage to the spirit. It then vanishes in a purple flash)

  • ???: Ugh...
  • Takumi: That did it.
  • Zola: Well done...Lord...Takumi... Oh...I forgot. I'm not supposed to say your name... *cough* *cough*
  • Takumi: Oh. About that...
  • Sakura: Zola! Are you OK? Took quite a shot there. Here, I can help heal your wounds.
  • Zola: Thank you, milady...
  • Takumi: Hmm.

(Scene transitions)

  • Corrin: That was extremely courageous, Zola. Are you all right?
  • Zola: It was nothing. I'm just glad that Lady Sakura was able to heal me.
  • Corrin: I beg to differ. It was not nothing. It was a remarkably selfless act.
  • Takumi: Zola...I have something to say to you.
  • Zola: Yes, Lord Tak—I mean yes, milord?
  • Takumi: Please. You've more than earned the right to speak my name. I'm sorry for doubting you.
  • Zola: Really? You mean that?
  • Takumi: Yes. Talk is cheap, and I still think I was smart not to trust you at first. But you may have just saved my life. It was a heroic act.
  • Zola: Thank you, Lord Takumi! I'm just following Lord/Lady Corrin's lead. If it weren't for him/her, I may have died at the hands of Lord Leo in Izumo. Now maybe you'll have the chance to perform a similar gesture.
  • Takumi: Wait, Corrin jumped in front of an attack meant for you? Right after you tried to kill him/her?
  • Corrin: Ha! No, Takumi. It wasn't exactly like that. I merely asked Leo to spare Zola's life. He was helpless and defeated.
  • Zola: Yes. And that kindness was enough to sway Lord Leo. He merely exiled me instead of taking my life.
  • Takumi: I see. Well, I just hope we can put all of this behind us.
  • Zola: Of course, milord!
  • Corrin: Yes. It's time to focus on what's next. Who knows what's waiting for us in Nohr...
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