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'''To The Sea''' (海へ ''Umi e'' '''Toward the Sea''' in the Japanese version) is Chapter 11 of [[Fire Emblem Fates]] in the Birthright Version.
'''To The Sea''' (海へ ''Umi e'' '''Toward the Sea''' in the Japanese version) is Chapter 11 of [[Fire Emblem Fates]] in the Birthright Version.
The script for this chapter can be found [[/Script|here]].

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“After defeating the ninja of Mokushu and reviving Takumi. Avatar and company take a different tack in there search for Ryoma.”
—Opening Narration

To The Sea (海へ Umi e Toward the Sea in the Japanese version) is Chapter 11 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Birthright Version.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Dropped Items


Secret Book (Artwork)
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The main strategy on this map isn't to stay in the right but go to the left. After some times , all units who didn't move (even the boss) will come to fight. Staying on the right of the map is a dangerous move because player can face great numbers of enemies at the end. Using Reina at the bottom to kill all flying unit (be careful of promoted units!) is a good strategy. Using a bait to lure that promoted unit at the bottom on the first turn (a unit with great defense stat) is a good strategy too, to clear that enemy on turn 2. Going fluently to the left will help the player to kill more units so at the end few will remains for the final battle. Using dragon veins to protect units with tornado is a good strategy too.

If the player is wants to train Takumi and/or Setsuna, this chapter is easily the best to do so due to the exclusively flying unit enemy army. Takumi and Setsuna serve as perfect unit killers for their own training or can help other units level up as long as they are an Attack Stance partner for them. Additionally, Reina is recruited in this chapter so a potential 3 bow users are at your disposal to clear this map.

This chapter also marks the first appearance of generic enemy promoted units, so the player should be mindful of their range and weapons on higher difficulties to prevent accidental casualties. There are three Dragon Veins on the map, all of which creates a cyclone that prevents all flying units from flying through them. If a flying unit is in the cyclone when it is summoned, their movement is reduced to one tile. These serve as permanent barriers to prevent the enemy from attacking from all four sides, though it is best to use the west one after you shift to the west yourself to allow your full army to move through and restrict enemy reinforcement ambushes.

The Kinshi Knight and Malig Knight holding the Illusory Yumi and Snake Spirit spawn when you cross to the western half of the ship and reach the western end of the ship respectively. The Malig Knight will be holding on to a Mjolnir tome as well, so place units outside its attack range so it does not kill one of your units with either weapon on the enemy's turn.

Enemy Reinforcements

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