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“Teach... Friend... None of those words quite capture what you come to mean to me. We may not be connected by blood, but I believe our bond goes deeper than that. Now that we know each other, our hearts are connected.”

To War is the twelfth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses for players who chose to lead the Golden Deer. This chapter serves as the bridge to the Verdant Wind story.



*WARNING!* This is the final month to recruit any remaining characters from the other houses into the Golden Deer. Any student who has not joined the Golden Deer cannot be recruited beyond the battle at the end of the month.

Initial enemies



  • 1x Winged Demonic Beast from the west stronghold every few turns
  • 1x Armored Knight from the east stronghold every few turns
  • 2x Demonic Beast ambush spawns at Edelgard's starting location if a player unit enters the southernmost part of the map (Maddening only)
  • 1x Pegasus Knight at Edelgard's starting position every turn once enough turns has passed (Maddening only?)



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Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

This is the last chapter before a time skip. All weapons in inventories are automatically fully repaired for free after it, so usage of powerful weapons effectively has no drawbacks. On the other hand, no weapons in the convoy are repaired, so it can be a good idea to fill units' inventories with damaged and powerful weapons for this chapter. In the following chapter, only Byleth and Claude are initially available, so making sure they have a good inventory before ending the mission can make the next mission much easier. Claude automatically reclasses to Barbossa the following chapter.