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“Alm, Anthiese, children of fate... You have overcome much to reach me here, and I thank you both. You have shown me the strength possessed by mankind. Perhaps men have long been walking on their own without our aid. Perhaps I simply refused to see it. And alas, Duma was no different. I entrust Falchion to your care. I pray you will use it to free my brother... from the depths of his pain.”
Mila's last words.

Together to the End (Reunion, and Then... in the Japanese version) is Act 5 of Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake.


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At the beginning, you are stuck in Alm's party meaning you can't control any of Celica's troupe for the majority of the chapter. Explore the lower levels until you face off with Berkut for one final fight. Once he is done, make your way to the treasure vault to unseal the Falchion. Once you cross the final gate to Duma's alter, you can finally use Celica's party members in addition to Alm's.

Tatiana's Fortify will be very helpful to this level as it allows you to restore most of your units to full health which will be necessary after Duma's Upheaval that damages your entire team. Silque's Illusionary Dread Fighters will also be useful in keeping off all of Jedah's Mogalls. Jedah will be just as hard to beat so you should take out Marla and Hestia before fighting Jedah. Jedah however will not directly attack you so he is not necessary to fight before Duma. Alm must use the Falchion to defeat Duma once Duma has dropped below 52 hp. There is a secondary means to defeat Duma, that involves using Nosferatu.


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