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“It is all the will of the goddess. Resign yourself to your fate... Accept it.”
—Tomenami to Schaeffer when Ike's army enters the temple

Tomenami is a boss character in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. He a bishop who is in charge of Palmeni Temple, which has been taken over by a group of pro-Daein mercenaries following the capture of the Daein capital. These mercenaries force the priests to fight on their side.

At the beginning of the level, Father Tomenami gives Ike and his team a short tour, assuring them that nothing is wrong. Ike is not fooled and after a short time, the enemy mercenaries are discovered and a fight ensues.

If he survives the battle, he appears in a short scene exchanging dialogue with Ike, thanking him for saving his church. If he is killed, an unspecified priest takes his place.


Boss Stats[]

Starting ClassAffinity
FE9 Tomenami Bishop Sprite Bishop?
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Lumina LuminaFE9 Light&Staff Staff/Light- CFE9light Light


Secret Book (Artwork)
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In the level, Ike tells his group not to harm any of the priests. Though you will still pass the level, even if you kill every priest on screen, you receive bonus experience depending on how many of the clergy you do or do not kill (the less you kill, the more bonus experience you get). If you successfully kill none, you will be given an Ashera Staff by Tomenami (the only way to get this staff).

In battle, Tomenami and the two bishops near Schaeffer can attack. This will also invoke retaliation against him. This makes him perhaps the greatest obstacle in clearing the level without killing any of the clergy.


  • Curiously, Tomenami is the only Path of Radiance named character not to have a unique battle palette or model. Thus he uses the appearance of a Generic Daein Bishop in battle.