Touma in Leopard Print is Touma Akagi's second side story in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Story[edit | edit source]

Inviting Itsuki back to the Toubo Rooftop, Touma prepares to ask him about girls. Before he can start, however, the boy from earlier confronts him about lying during their first encounter, though admits he knew Touma was just saying it on the spot. He then reveals he doesn't believe in heroes because of his parents getting a divorce and being bullied at his new school. This prompts Touma to apologize and promise to become a hero for real, though the boy doubts it.

Afterwards, Touma explains to Itsuki why he wanted to talk about girls. The studio behind Masqueraider Raiga wishes to expand into the female demographic, so they intend to have a showing where Raiga remains in his civilian identity, Hyoma Kaba. Touma has been tasked with playing the role as the original actor couldn't make it, but needs help appealing to girls, and requires Itsuki to be his wingman. The two head to Harajuku to practice, and Touma is able to learn from Itsuki's example, realizing he needs to be more confident, causing his Performa to awaken again. After performing another Radiant Unity, Cain criticizes Touma for his approach with the women, but understands he wishes to keep his promise to the boy. Later, Touma's performance as Hyoba is a success, many claiming he was better than the original actor. While talking to Itsuki about it, Touma reveals the reason he wants to help the boy is because he experienced similar troubles as a child, with his parents leaving him in the care of his grandfather due to a debt they couldn't pay off, and being bullied at school for it. However, Touma became inspired by the superhero shows on television, in which the hero would always defeat the villain despite their efforts. Touma wishes to be a model for those like himself, including the boy.

Completing this side story unlocks Touma's Special Performance Gaia's Whisper.

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