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“I would like for you to take your students into Kingdom territory to eliminate some thieves.”
“They stole a Hero's Relic from House Gautier of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus—The Lance of Ruin. The leader's name is Miklan. He is apparently a disowned son of House Gautier. ”
—Lady Rhea and Seteth

Tower of the Black Winds is the fifth chapter of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the fifth chapter of Part I: White Clouds.


Rhea and Seteth give Byleth the mission to take down some thieves in Kingdom territory. They have stolen the Lance of Ruin which is a powerful hero's relic. These thieves are led by Miklan who is a disowned son of House Gautier. Because Byleth wields the Sword of the Creator, the pair are confident in sending them and their students to appose them.

Depending on which house Byleth is leading, they will meet with Judith from the Alliance or Rodrigue from the Kingdom.

After the meeting Byleth meets with Hanneman who has discovered the identity of Byleth's crest. It is the Crest of Flames, a Crest that was wielded only by Nemesis over a thousand years ago.

The group meets the bandits at Conand tower assisted by Gilbert. At the top floor they battle Miklan only for him to transform into a ferocious beast. The class is forced to take it down.

When reporting to Rhea, she calls it divine punishment from the goddess. In the library, Byleth and their house leader run into Tomas while talking about how Miklan couldn't use the lance because he lacked a Crest. Tomas then talks about how using the Heroes' Relics transformed Nemesis and the other humans into black beasts.

Monastery Quests

Required Quests

Optional Quests



You will have Gilbert as an ally for this chapter.


  • As soon as you walk past the 1st broken pillar in the North, for 2 turns (These spawn on the enemy turn!)
    • 2 Thiefs lvl 15 w/ Steel Sword (From the North-East)
    • 2 More Thiefs a turn later on Maddening mode




Item Cost Stock
Iron Sword 520
Steel Sword 910 3
Training Sword 260
Iron Lance 560
Steel Lance 910 3
Training Lance 280
Javelin 700 3
Iron Axe 600
Steel Axe 980 3
Training Axe 300
Hand Axe 750 3
Mace 720
Iron Bow 560
Steel Bow 910 3
Training Bow 350
Mini Bow 680
Iron Gauntlets 480
Steel Gauntlets 640 3
Training Gauntlets 240

Item Shop

Item Cost Stock
Leather Shield 500
Iron Shield 1000 3
Vulnerary 300
Beginner Seal 500
Intermediate Seal 1000 3
Torch 600
Pure Water 600 5
Door Key 300
Chest Key 300

Battalion Guild

Battalion Gambit Authority Cost
Church of Seiros Soldiers Disturbance E 1000
Seiros Mercenaries Onslaught E 1200
Seiros Holy Monks Stride E 1200
Seiros Sacred Monks Resonant White Magic E 1200
Seiros Magic Corps Group Flames D 1200
Seiros Pegasus Co. Assembly D 1200
Knights of Seiros Blaze C 1500
Kingdom Infantry Lure E 1000
Kingdom Lance Co. Group Lance Attack E 1200
Kingdom Brawlers Disturbance E 1200
Kingdom Magic Corps Group Ice D 1200
Kingdom Knights Assault Troop C 1500


The easiest approach is to have your magic unit with high enough Magic use Warp to ascend to the top floor(however your options are limited, as you can only warp one unit or two for Bishop/Gremory). Byleth with enough Strength to defeat Miklan and proceed to the second phase of the battle, however due to all enemies undefeated will stay.

There are two Treasures on this map. The first with being an Armorslayer in the chest guarded by a Thief. With enough strength/magic(if using Magic Bow with the class being either Archer, Sniper, or a Bow Knight, it should easy to take out and loot the chest. As for the Accuracy Ring dropped by the a Fortress Knight, you can use the Armorslayer you got or a magic unit to take it out, however upon entering the range, it will guaranteed use a Gambit on you, meaning Shove,Draw Back, or Smite can work here(Swap and Reposition can be used but afterwards must use Draw Back in order to kill on one blow). Alternatively, a unit with high Gambit evasiveness, notably Byleth and the three Lords depending on chosen house, can be used to "tank" the Gambit uses.

If Warp is not available for use, then your army will be navigating the spiral map in order to reach Miklan. His forces are spread throughout the hallway, mainly consisting of Thiefs, Fighters, Archers, and Armored Knights, with the one lone Fortress Knight with the Accuracy Ring in the upper left corner. There will also be a Priest with Physic in the middle room, more or less capable of healing any enemy unit who is damaged, though they can only heal once per enemy turn so they are more annoying than a threat. The middle room also has a few Archers positioned to snipe at your units if they are too close to the middle wall, so care should be taken to make sure they cannot reach. (especially on Maddening where they have Poison Strike)

If you have any Archers or the Chalice of Beginnings, those units can counterattack and lure the archers closer to the wall for other units to defeat them. Keep in mind that you run the risk of aggrivating every single enemy on the map, including Miklan, by doing this, causing a long line of enemies to begin marching toward your army. Depending on how your units have grown by this point, this can be taken advantage of to safely take out the enemy, including Miklan, without ever having to trigger the second set of ambushes.

Miklan, despite having a Relic, is not a threat whatsoever. As an Armored Knight he cannot move very far, he cannot counterattack ranged attacks, and he has no skills outside of Lance Prowess Lv 3. His Res is also extremely low even on Maddening, meaning the armies magic users can almost assuredly take him out in one combat if they are fast enough. Most importantly, however, is the harsh penalty Miklan suffers by trying to use the Lance of Ruin without a crest: a large post-combat HP penalty. With this in mind, one could poke at him with Bows and leave his HP so low that any attack can finish him off and end the first phase of the map.

The Second Phase of battle consist of having a Monster fighting your units, the only priority is the undefeated enemy units who will obnoxiously slow your combat against it. Any enemy ambushes that were not triggered before Miklan was defeated in the first phase will also trigger at this point. Your best choice is to remove the barrier as soon as possible and inflict armor break, meaning he cannot use Magic Bind until it recovers. After a clash, the battle is over and you proceed to the next chapter.

There is no gameplay or story consequence to Gilbert falling in battle. He is likely to die early on Maddening, so thankfully you can safely leave him behind to put some distance between your army and the coming ambushes.