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The Tower of Guidance


The Tower of Guidance glowing

The Tower of Guidance is where Ashera is said to watch over the world. It is also where the final battles of Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn take place. It is located in Sienne, Begnion's capital. It is featured repeatedly in the introduction to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. In Radiant Dawn, after the awakening of Ashera, the tower starts to glow with a golden intensity and, when Yune's army reaches it, there is a massive battle fought in front of the tower against the Disciples of Order slain across Begnion. The intensity of the fight allows only some of the available characters to enter the tower.

The tower cannot normally be entered by mortals, only with the help of Yune can Ike's team access it. The interior is also immensely larger than it appears from the outside, so large, in fact, that Yune advises her team to not dwell on this fact for too long lest they go mad. The chambers all appear to be lit with ghostly blue candles. The floors are atop high platforms surrounded by a gap too far down to be able to see to the bottom.

The topmost room is guarded by a door enchanted by Sephiran to ensure that the door could not be opened from the outside except by permission of the goddess therein. The only way through is to kill Sephiran, therefore diminishing the spell set upon it. Once inside, Yune, Ike, and their team face off against Ashera herself at the climax of the Part Four Endgame.

It is unknown what happened to the tower after the fall of Ashera.


  • Though referred to as the Tower of Guidance in Radiant Dawn, it is referred to as the Guiding Tower in Path of Radiance.