The Tower of Morse, as it appears on the world map.

“The tower of Morse was once a prison. Its conditions were so terrible that the great sage Morse visited it to offer salvation and stayed to live there afterwards. The Reeve guards could do nothing to him and while they left him alone, pilgrims and ascetics from many lands started to visit and began calling the prison the Tower of Morse.”
Law talking about the Tower of Morse

The Tower of Morse (モースの塔 Mōsu no tō) is a location from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. It is a tower on Il Island, situated in the southeast of Lieberia. The people of Reeve once used it as a prison for Zoans. It is said that the White Master Morse took residence there in order to ease the suffering of the prisoners. The priestess Meeme resides on the top floor of the tower to protect the altar.

When Holmes and his companions visit the tower, it is full of monsters. Once they reach the top floor, Meeme asks him if they wish to revive a fallen ally using the ☆Dakruon before leaving. Krisheena also travels there to revive her deceased lover, Aldo, but Meeme informs her that it is impossible because his death happened too long ago.

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