The Tower of Valni is a location in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and formerly housed the Sacred Stone of Frelia until its destruction by Caellach and Selena. The Tower has 8 floors.

From Chapter 9 onward, the Tower of Valni is a place where the player can train characters in order to make them of a higher level, as it is filled with monsters. Beating the Tower of Valni in the Creature Campaign unlocks characters that were either bosses or NPC's in the main campaign.

Unlockable CharactersEdit

These characters are only unlockable during Creature Campaign.

Caellach - lv.12 Hero: Clear the 3rd floor

Orson - lv.13 Paladin: Clear the 6th floor

Riev - lv.16 Bishop: Defeat 200 or more enemies in one trip.

Ismaire - lv.9 Swordmaster: Clear the 8th floor

Selena - lv.11 Mage Knight: Clear the 8th floor 3 times


Each floor contains various monsters and other items. As you progress through the chapters, more floors are unlocked for you, meaning more profit on the trip.

Floor 1Edit

Valni (1)
  • Cheat: when you enter the tower, retreat and save. re-enter the tower without moving off it, retreat, when you get to the save screen, soft reset. restart chapter and re-enter, there should be a skeleton to the left of the boss with a droppable runesword. (can repeat as manytimes as you want.)

Floor 2Edit

Valni (2)
  • Units: Tarvos, Bael, Mauthe Doog, Revenants, Bonewalkers.
  • Boss: Maelduin (equipped with a Tomahawk).
  • Chests: None.
  • Reinforcements: Any combination of 4 creatures consisting of Tarvos, Mauthe Doog, and Bael once a unit gets past the long wall to the east.
  • Strategy: The main area you start in is a pain because of a thick mix of Bonewalkers armed with close-range and far-range weapons. It makes it difficult to train weak units.

Floor 3Edit

Valni (3)

Floor 4Edit

Valni (4)

Floor 5Edit

Valni (5)

Floor 6Edit

Valni (6)
  • Units: Revenants/Entombed, Bonewalker, Wight.
  • Boss: Wight (equipped with a Brave Sword).
  • Chests: Four; one in the bottom left; holding a Staff (random from the selection of Restore, Physic, Silence, and Fortify) and three lined up on the top edge; from left to right, they contain B or C rank tomes (Nosferatu for Dark magic); Steel (plus Steel Blade) or Brave weapons ; 5000 gold.
  • Note: The Bonewalker near the top right corner has a Chest Key. One of the Wights will always drop a Steel Lance. The Revenant/Entombed near the top three chests will never move from its spot. The map is littered with cracked walls which are to be destroyed to advance; after the end of your turn, Bonewalkers will begin to attack some of these walls (the one top of your starting position, three west the one a little above the third wall). A Longbow will be very useful on this floor.

Floor 7Edit

Valni (7)

Floor 8Edit

Valni (8)
  • Units: Wight, Cyclops, Gorgon.
  • Boss: Cyclops (equipped with a random axe, drops a Stat Booster /Promotional Item).
  • Chest: One that always has a Blue Gem.
  • Note: After you get to the top of any one of the 6 staircases with at least one unit, a bolt of light will speed past either the far left or right stairs. Any unit caught will be dealt with 10 damage. The bolt of light alternates each turn. (left to right, right to left and so on). The Gorgon on the level has Shadowshot and Stone.
See also Lagdou Ruins and Melkaen Coast.
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