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A Town in a Deeprealm is a small village located in a Deeprealm in Fire Emblem Fates.


If Corrin is married (excluding same-gender marriages), they will have a child named Kana, where they are raised in this Deeprealm.

During Kana's Paralogue, they are busy enjoying a walk when they are ambushed by invisible soldiers. Corrin, hearing that their son/daughter is being attacked, rushes to this Deeprealm to protect them. After they are wounded by the soldiers, Kana turns into a dragon to protect them, but becomes a mindless, enraged dragon just like Corrin themselves in Chapter 5. Corrin and their allies prepare to take out the enemy soldiers to calm Kana down.

Optionally, Lloyd and Llewelyn, two bandit leaders, notice Kana and not knowing of their human identity, decide to capture the dragon as a pet. They can be killed or captured depending on the player's decision.

After the battle, Corrin calms Kana down, who apologizes. Corrin gives them a Dragonstone, which will keep their humanity while in their dragon form and tells them not to lose it. Corrin prepares to leave, happy to see Kana again, but Kana cries, not knowing when they will see them again. Knowing that Kana has grown stronger and does not want to be alone again, Corrin lets them join their army.

This Deeprealm is a rural village, with moats and bridges lined throughout the area. This suggests that the town also grows rice in the nearby hills.

Known People from this Deeprealm

  • Lloyd - a bandit leader, the brother of Llewelyn.
  • Llewelyn - a bandit leader, the brother of Lloyd.