“Lilith gives her life so the group can defeat Hans. Shaken but still determined, they climb the tower, seeking King Garon. Ahead of them waits another trial.”
—Opening Narration

Traitor Revealed (蝙蝠の正体 Koumori no shōtai, "The Traitor's True Colors" in the Japanese Version) is Chapter 25 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Birthright version.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork)
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The player starts at the bottom central of the map surrounded by several enemies. Directly in front of them are three Generals and a Strategist who has an Entrap stave. You can either go through or ignore them, as they cannot move out of their spot. The area also branches out to the left and the right; both sides have two Great Knights. The left side has two Heroes while the other has two Berserkers instead.

Regardless, clear out the left and right sides since there are two treasure chests on each side. You will need to bring a Locktouch unit, as there are four chests in this map but only three chest keys dropped by the enemy. Replicated Locktouch units will help greatly to open the chests and quickly end this chapter.

In the middle of the map is a fire orb and a dagger launcher, manned by a Sorcerer and Maid respectively. The Dragon Vein also appears here, and will dissolve all enemy equipment when activated, being a one-time use. Continue up the staircase where Iago, three Generals and two Heroes are waiting. Both Iago and the General directly under him do not move, so clear out the other units. Take out the General before eliminating Iago, so Iago will be unable to benefit from dual strikes (and the 10% hit bonus that comes with it).

Iago simply has a Ginnungagap tome on him. Ginnungagap is the strongest magic weapon ingame (not including damage modifiers from Izana's Scroll and Ink Painting). On all modes, he comes with Bowbreaker, while on Hard and Lunatic, Vengeance is added to his roster. However, Iago can be easily dealt with as Ginnungagap has poor accuracy and halves his magic after he attacks with it. An easy way to defeat him is by having a high speed unit with Tomebreaker, as he will have virtually no accuracy upon attacking them.


Dropped Items

Chest Items

From left to right:

Enemy Reinforcements

  • Several Great Knights will appear from the side paths at the bottom, either in pairs or accompanied by a Bow Knight (left side) or Dark Knight (right side)
  • Several Heroes and Sorcerers appear from the staircases on the left, while Maids appear on the right.
  • Two Berserkers appear at the top central stairway.

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