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The Trickster (トリックスー) is a combat/utility physical class that is introduced in Fire Emblem Awakening. Glamorous and elusive phantom thieves, Tricksters are one of the promoted forms of the Thief class, wielding Swords or Bows as their primary weapons of choice. They are also capable of utilizing Staves for support purposes.

History in the Series

Originally introduced to the series as the alternate promoted form of the Thief class in Awakening, the Trickster class is unique for its ability to fulfil a support role with healing staves while carrying out utility purposes through the picking of locks without keys.

In Fates, Tricksters are known as Adventurers (アドベンチャラー) and are treated as a Nohrian class. Like their unpromoted counterpart, the Outlaw, they wield Bows in favour of Swords as their primary weapons of choice, and are also granted the ability to use Staves.

In Fire Emblem Warriors, both the Trickster class and it's Nohrian Adventurer counterpart return, as the personal base class of Anna and the promoted class of Niles, respectively. The two are treated slightly differently; Tricksters can only use Bows and act as a clone of the Archer class, whereas Adventurers can use Bows and Staffs, and act as a clone of the Sniper class. There is also an enemy-only version of the Adventurer class that acts as a Nohrian clone of the Assassin class.

The Trickster class makes a return in Three Houses, featured as a DLC class. A character must be level 20 or higher and have passed the Thief certification to take the Certification Exam using an Abyssian Exam Pass. The recommended level requirements are B+ or higher in Swords and B or higher in Faith. The class gives bonuses to Swords, Faith, and Reason.

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, the Trickster is part of the base game, serving as a Master-rank class promotion for the Myrmidon class, and is the final class in the Thief class tree.




Tricksters in this title are similar to Thieves, in the sense that their strong point lies in their high Skill. As a result of being able to use Staves, Tricksters have also gained higher Magic and Resistance growths but are slightly weaker and slower than before. Tricksters are still able to dodge and perform critical attacks well, but are not suited for heavy offence like Assassins are. However, they are by no means a bad class, but are more adept at supporting their comrades through their staves or by being decoys. The two skills Tricksters can learn are Lucky Seven and Acrobat. Due to their high magic, they are also effective in using Levin Swords.

Lucky Seven adds +20 to Avoid and Accuracy for seven turns, after which the effect will be disabled for the duration of the battle. It allows Tricksters to avoid attacks even further with their superior Speed stat, severely reducing the hit rates of enemy units. The duration of the effect is often ignored as most chapters at the time will only take up to six turns at most. Acrobat, on the other hand, allows Tricksters to move through passable terrain without any restriction to Movement, which allows them to retreat into mountains or forests while keeping at a safe distance from the enemy, and when combined with Movement +1 and Pass, allows Tricksters to escape their assailants much easier.


Adventurers are advised to avoid direct combat due to bows preventing them from retaliating against adjacent enemies, unless they are wielding a Mini Bow, Sidelong Yumi or Shining Bow, all of which comes with negative properties which could hamper them. Alternatively, they can learn Point Blank to alleviate this situation; however, Adventurers are not as well suited for fighting evasive foes, as their Skill is lower than most other bow using classes. Their high speed ensures that they should be able to avoid most hits, however, their average Defense mean that any hit that lands is likely to be fatal for them.

Much like in Awakening, their Magic is slightly superior to their Strength, making them well-suited for using the magical Shining Bow (which conveniently possesses a 1-2 range) or supporting through Staves. However, their prowess with any other bows in general should not be underestimated, as their maximum rank in Bows is A, and their Speed is second only to Swordmasters and Falcon Knights, allowing them to double attack easily and often.

Adventurers can be arguably considered a less well-rounded, more offensive version of Maids and Butlers, and are often compared with them. Maids and Butlers have higher Strength, Skill, Luck and Defense than Adventurers with just as much HP. Their S Rank in staves also puts them above Adventurers in terms of healing, and their access to Shuriken allows them to attack any enemies at a 1-2 range. However, both classes have the same Magic, and Adventurers' access to bows, despite limiting their range, makes them far more deadly than the generally feeble Shuriken. The matter of distance can also be solved by providing them with a suitable bow or by assigning the Point Blank skill to them.

The Adventurer's main use is as an extension of the Thief class; pillaging chests, disarming traps, and generally supporting their allies rather than being in the forefront of combat. However, their indisputably high Speed, coupled with the Lucky Seven skill, serves to turn the otherwise defenseless rogues into sneaky and evasive fighters who are able to rain down attacks on enemies unable to hit them, on top of also being able to heal their allies or hinder their enemies with superb Magic.

Normal Adventurers will have their sliding class as the Bow Knight, where they can learn Rally Skill and Shurikenbreaker. It is advised to take the latter, so their high speed and Lucky Seven will stack with Shurikenbreaker and make them efficient ninjas-busters in battle.

Three Houses

Tricksters act much the same as they do in other games, maintaining their swords and access to magic with a few added bells and whistles. They primarily focus on speed and avoiding enemy attacks. The Lucky Seven is modified, now increasing the user's Strength, Magic, Speed, Defense, Resistance, Hit Rate, or Avoid by 5 for 1 turn, which can greatly influence your action that turn.

Tricksters also lack Class growth rates in Strength and Magic which means that if a character changes into a trickster without decent growth rates in these stats their damage could tank. They have a decent growth rate in speed allowing them to double easily, and with a decent dexterity they can have very decent hit rates. They're likely to take a lot of damage and could possibly die in a few hits if you're not careful, but due to their Stealth ability they will most likely not be targeted.

The biggest appeal to using Tricksters is their exclusive combat art, Foul Play, which allows them to switch places with other units within 5 range. This one ability allows them to do a number things such as saving a unit that's near death or provide transportation for units that have low movement, especially armored units. It can be used in a number of situations and is incredibly versatile in its use.

Overall Tricksters can be described as a Swiss Army Knife, providing many options but not exceeding in them. Their access to many abilities allow them to adapt situations very easily, yet they may have trouble adapting to one specific role in a team. However their exclusive access to Foul Play can provide great support and flexible movement for the rest of units, especially when you mix it with other similar abilities such as Warp, Rescue, Swap, Reposition, Shove, Draw Back, Stride, Dance of the Goddess, and Dance from other units.


Regardless on which incarnation is mentioned, Tricksters and Adventurers are designed to look cunning and wear much more formal and cleaner clothing compared to that of Thieves. Said clothing is still kept light due to their nature in stealing and robbery of nobles and royalty, so that when they are initiating a heist they can reduce the noise they make. Despite the ease of movement their clothing allows, a most notable aspect about their outfits is their large-brimmed feathered tricorne, an elegant cloak, a brown leather belt and small bits of jewelry or gold, sacrificing practicality for flamboyance. This allows them to pass off as wealthy citizens or merchants whenever they are swindling an unsuspecting victim, and serves to boast their confidence as they remain flashy even in face of pursuit, true to their title of 'Trickster'.

In Fates, Tricksters (now called Adventurers) dress with an equally formal, if even more adorned ensemble, taking form in the Outlaw's outfit as a base, now complemented with golden necklaces, gauntlets, discs, and even lining along their tunics and boots. They trade their former cloak for a flamboyant and striking ribbon cape, complete with a bow behind their head and tied around their neck, nestled above curl-rimmed black mantles over their shoulders. Their leather belts sport a single bundle of rope for climbing, as well as several gold-hilted daggers, despite the class being unable to use them in battle. This, at least, implies their use in case of a close-quarters emergency, if not to flaunt more of their flashiness and wealth.


Base Stats

FE13194410110356--SwordIconFE13.png E StaffIconFE13.png E
FE1417466102386--FE14 Bow.png E FE14 Staff.png E
FE1628141210141210105--FE16 sword icon.png B FE16 faith icon.png B

Maximum Stats

FE1380353845434530406--SwordIconFE13.png A StaffIconFE13.png A
FE1450273127342725346--FE14 Bow.png A FE14 Staff.png B
FEW (Niles)9001159111817175621595--FE14 Bow.pngSFEW Staff.png

Growth Rates

FE1620/30%0/18%0%15%20/28%10%0/25%5/10%---FE16 sword icon.png +3 FE16 reason icon.png +1 FE16 faith icon.png +2

Class Skills

FE13Lucky 7.pngLucky Seven
Learnt at Level 5.
Learnt at Level 15.
FE14Lucky 7.pngLucky Seven
Pass Icon Kakusei.pngPass
Learnt at Level 5 and above.
Learnt at Level 15 and above.
FE16Locktouch FE16.pngLocktouch
Stealth FE16.pngStealth
Lucky 7 FE16.pngLucky Seven
Duelist's Blow FE16.pngDuelist's Blow
Combat Art Icon FE16 Special.pngFoul Play
Class Ability of Trickster.
Class Ability of Trickster.
Class Ability of Trickster.
Mastery Ability of Trickster.
Mastery Ability of Trickster.


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE13FE13 Generic Thief (M) Map Sprite.gifThiefUse a Master Seal FE13 Icon.pngMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Thief.FE13 Generic Trickster (M) Map Sprite.gifTrickster
FE14FE14 Generic Outlaw (M) Map Sprite.gifOutlawUse a Master Seal FE13 Icon.pngMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Outlaw.FE14 Generic Adventurer (M) Map Sprite.gifAdventurer
FE16FE16 Thief Icon.gifThief*Use an FE16 Seal Icon.pngAbyssian Exam Pass on a Level 20+ unit and pass the Trickster Certification Exam.FE16 Trickster Icon.gifTrickster
FEW Warriors Anna sprite.gif
Use a Master Seal FE13 Icon.pngMaster Seal on Anna.Warriors Anna sprite.gif
Master Merchant
FEW Warriors Niles sprite.gif
Use a Master Seal FE13 Icon.pngMaster Seal on Niles.Warriors Niles sprite.gif
FEW3HAssassinUse a FE16 Seal Icon.pngMaster Seal on a unit that has mastered AssassinTrickster

Notable Tricksters


  • Anna - A traveling merchant with a fixation for attaining wealth and profit.
  • Gangrel - The cruel and deceptive "Mad King" of Plegia.
  • Ruger -  a conman who impersonated Chrom
  • Leif (DLC)
  • Sothe (SpotPass)
  • Possible Promotion for: Gaius


  • Shura - A kind-hearted thief from Kohga who dreams of restoring his home country.
  • Funke - A foreign burglar who steals from wealthy homes.
  • Candace - A renowned explorer known throughout Nohr.
  • Possible promotion for: Niles, Nina and Anna.

Three Houses

  • Yuri - The leader of the Ashen Wolves and a banished former student of the Officers Academy.
  • Baron Ochs Father of Monica