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“Where the hell do you get off!? Okay, I'll fight you... only to shut you up! You ready?”
—Tristan to Dalvin

Tristan is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is the substitute character of Diarmuid if Lachesis was not paired up. He is the brother of Jeanne.

He also shares a conversation with Dalvin in Chapter 7, after Melgen is captured.


Tristan's father was Eve, one of the Agustrian knights assigned to protect Lachesis. Both he and Jeanne were eventually taken in by Sigurd's army. However, the two of them were separated some time later. Tristan was raised in Isaach along with Seliph and the younger initial members of the Liberation Army, while Jeanne was adopted by a traveling merchant, who took her to Leonster. After Jeanne's adoptive father was murdered by the Grannvale Empire, she was raised in hiding by Finn alongside Leif. Tristan and Jeanne are finally reunited in Chapter 7 and they vow never to be separated again.


Tristan is shown to be dutiful and loyal, having the utmost respect for Oifey and obediently following his orders like an ideal knight. He's also shown to display a great deal of concern for his fellow troops, reminding Deimne that they should hurry just in case Muirne is in danger.

Tristan is a man with a strong sense of honour, fighting for what he believes is true and just. He's also an incredibly hard worker, always striving to do what's best for the army and becoming disturbed in a conversation with Dalvin if he's below a certain level, because he feels as though he hasn't contributed enough.

His unique conversation with Dalvin also suggests that he feels some insecurity in himself, as he wishes to be an archetypal strong and stalwart knight, but is ultimately conscious that he isn't skilled enough to contribute as much as the other army members who bear holy blood.

In Game

Genealogy of the Holy War

Base Stats

Starting ClassHoly Blood
FE4 Free Knight Sprite.gifFree Knight-
SkillsWeaponStarting Items
Critical.gifCriticalFE4 Sword.pngSword - BFE4Ironsword.gifIron Sword

Growth Rates

HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res
130% 30% 5% 30% 20% 10% 30% 5%

Promotion Gains

Promoted Class
FE4 Forrest Knight Sprite.gifRanger
+1 0 +9 +6 +2 +3 +1
Skills Weapon Levels
Continue.png Adept FE4 Sword.png +1


Secret Book (Artwork).png
Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

As with most substitute units, Tristan is unable to match up with Diarmuid's potential. Diarmuid's growths will, across the board, far surpass Tristan's no matter who his father is. Even if Diarmuid inherits no skills from his father, he will still likely wind up more useful than Tristan due to his Charm skill. With a good father, Diarmuid will turn out vastly superior.

When compared to other substitute characters, Tristan starts out quite poorly. Although he possesses excellent base stats for a level 3 unit, his lack of Pursuit and decent weaponry will make it extremely difficult for him to deal damage early on, as his chance of activating his Critical skill is very low at first. This means that Tristan will need to steal kills, as he will have a hard time defeating even Axe wielding units on his own due to his poor offense. Unfortunately, Tristan is unlikely to improve much until he promotes as his lack of skills only allow him one swing at an enemy, and his growths, while being high overall for a replacement unit, are stacked heavily toward HP and are otherwise mediocre or poor. After Promotion, Tristan's usability rises substantially. His Skill will nearly cap which will allow his Critical skill to activate much more frequently. His Speed will rise considerably, and he will gain the Adept skill which he desperately needs to improve his offense.

Tristan will ultimately wind up being one of your tougher units due to his strong base stats and high HP growth, but even after Promotion he will struggle to offensively keep up with your units that have Pursuit as both Adept and Critical are unreliable.


In Chapter 7, if Oifey speaks to Tristan, Tristan will gain one point of strength, one point of skill, and one point of defense.

In Chapter 7, after Melgan is captured, if Tristan is positioned adjacent to Dalvin and they are both below Level 10, he will gain two points of strength, one point of speed, and one point of defense, while Dalvin will gain two points of strength, one point of skill, and one point of defense.

In Chapter 7, if Tristan speaks to Jeanne, she will gain one point of luck.

Love Growths

Original and replacement characters have the same love growths, unless stated otherwise.

Non-Canon Appearances

Fire Emblem 0 (Cipher)

Tristan is illustrated in the trading card game with the following cards:

Choose Your Legends Placement History

Round Placement Character Version Votes

CYL1 734
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL2 764
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL3 saw the transition to different counting mechanisms involving versions of characters and ties, so change measured between CYL2 and CYL3 shouldn't be taken at face value.
CYL3 539
Genealogy of the Holy War
CYL4 560
Genealogy of the Holy War

CYL5 483
Genealogy of the Holy War


Tristan was one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian mythology.