The Troubadour (トルバトール Torubadōru) is a horse-mounted support magical class that recurrently appears across the Fire Emblem Series, beginning from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Troubadours are primarily armed with staves that they utilize for healing and other support purposes. Originally granted the ability to brandish Swords for self-defense, beginning from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, they are no longer able to do so. They are akin to a mounted version of the Priest and Cleric classes, and are therefore treated as cavalry units.

History in the SeriesEdit

In their original inception in Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776, Troubadours are armed with both Swords and Staves. They promote into Paladins in these two iterations.

In TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga, the Troubadour class is unable to promote, and the only playable member of this class is Mel.

Beginning from The Binding Blade, Troubadours lose the ability to arm Swords and instead wield Staves exclusively for support purposes. This title is credited for instituting the Valkyrie class as the primary promoted form of the Troubadour class.

In The Sacred Stones, Troubadours are further given the option to promote into Mage Knights alongside Valkyries.

Absent from Path of Radiance to New Mystery of the Emblem, Troubadours formally return to the series in Awakening, where they are further given the option to promote into War Clerics alongside Valkyries.

In Fates, the Troubadour class is known as Rod Knight (ロッドナイト Roddo naito) in the Japanese version and is unisex for the first time in the series. It is treated as a Nohrian class, and is given the new option to promote into the Maid and Butler (depending on gender) classes.

In Fire Emblem Warriors, the class returns as the base class of Elise. In this incarnation, Troubadours can wield Tomes; the class acts as a clone of Dark Knight.

In Vestaria Saga I, the Troubadour is known as the Thaumaturge. It is a standalone class that wields Staves and Bows.



Due to the fact that Troubadours have high Movement, they are thus able to reach injured allies and replenish their HP before quickly retreating from the front-lines with ease. In this regard, they are in some ways superior version of the standard Priests and Clerics. Their usefulness is further amplified by their adequacy in Magic, Speed and Luck, all of which are instrumental to ensuring the effectiveness of their healing magic and their ability to dodge hostile enemy attacks while aiding their allies. Troubadours are, however, weak in the HP and Defense departments, and it is therefore prudent to ensure that they are accompanied by able bodyguards at all times. Their magic cap is slightly lower than those of clerics, meaning that they are somewhat less potent as healers.

Uniform Edit

Throughout the series, playable Troubadours have all been depicted as some sort of nobility or royalty. Because of this, they are often wearing clothes that their station can afford, usually being fancy and elegant in appearance but not necessarily wearing anything "battle-ready" like regular uniforms. For the first five games Troubadours appear in this comes in the form of a knee-length dress, high-heel boots and a small or normal size cloak. In Genealogy of the Holy War, the battle sprites also wield a shield and a small breastplate and a pair pauldons with a more elegant look than that of regular soldiers. Also in this game and The Blazing Blade generic units and playable Troubadours Nanna and Priscilla wear a headband with wings, similar to the ones Cordelia and Caeldori wear in their respective games.

Like with a lot of other classes that reappeared in Awakening, the Troubadour's costume received a massive overhaul with the arrival of Yusuke Kozaki. When he was hired to illustrate and design Awakening and Fates he refurbished most of the game's design and thus, the Troubadour's costume was drastically altered as well. While still keeping an elegant look about them, Troubadours now wore clothes that are more capable of being worn into battle, as they now wear a woman's frilled shirt, a corset matching the uniform's colour (blue for generic, but pink for Maribelle), and brown leather high-heel boots. This also applies to Fates, albeit focusing on a more battle-ready look than a fancy one which is especially the case with male versions of the uniform; upon closer inspection, the base uniform worn by the troubadour class is also shared with the Ballistician, the Bow Knight, the Dark Falcon, the Lancer, and their quintessential advanced line the Strategist, albeit with it's own unique decor. Elise's unique model depicts her wearing a royal dress, gloves and boots meant for a child. When she promotes to the Strategist class, she gains a more battle-ready look, as she gains small pieces of gold armour to wear in order to protect herself (which is ironic considering her poor Defense).


Base StatsEdit

FE42633660338--FE4 Sword B FE4 Staff C
FE5162/1223/202/1-8/54-FE5 Sword Icon E FE5 Staff Icon E
TS182/133302/1-7/4--TS Staff TS Sword 3
FE615-11302575-Staff D
FE715-11302575-Staff D
FE815-11302565-Staff D
FE131603250157--StaffIconFE13 E
FE141503754147--FE14 Staff E

Maximum StatsEdit

FE480181821213018188--FE4 Sword B FE4 Staff C
FE580202020302020-2020-FE5 Sword Icon A FE5 Staff Icon A
TS6017/161818183017/16-7/4--TS Staff TS Sword 18
FE660-2020203020201520-Staff A
FE760-2020203020201520-Staff A
FE860-2020203020201520-Staff A
FE1360202624263020287--StaffIconFE13 A
FE1435161924202316217--FE14 Staff B

Growth RatesEdit


Class SkillsEdit

FE4RemoveRe-MoveHidden base skill of all mounted and flying units.
FE13Resistance+2Resistance +2
Learnt at Level 1.
Learnt at Level 10.
FE14Critical Evade +10
Resistance+2Resistance +2
Distinguished SonGentilhomme
Learnt at Level 1 and above.
Learnt at Level 10 and above. (Females)
Learnt at Level 10 and above. (Males)


Base ClassPromotion MethodPromoted Class
FE4FE4 Troubadour SpriteTroubadourChoose the "Class Change" option in the Home Castle when the relevant unit reaches Level 20.FE4 Paladin Sprite (F)Paladin
FE5FE5 troubadourTroubadourUse a Knight Proof (FE5)Knight Proof on a Level 10+ Troubadour.FE5 Paladin Sprite (F)Paladin
FE6FE8 Troubadour Map SpriteTroubadourUse a GuidingringGuiding Ring on a Level 10+ Troubadour.FE8 Valkyrie Map SpriteValkyrie
FE7FE8 Troubadour Map SpriteTroubadourUse a GuidingringGuiding Ring on a Level 10+ Troubadour.FE8 Valkyrie Map SpriteValkyrie
FE8FE8 Troubadour Map SpriteTroubadourUse a GuidingringGuiding Ring on a Level 10+ Troubadour.FE8 Valkyrie Map SpriteValkyrie
FE8 MageKnight Map Sprite (F)Mage Knight
FE13FE13 Generic Troubadour Map SpriteTroubadourUse a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Troubadour.FE13 Generic Valkyrie Map SpriteValkyrie
FE13 Generic War Cleric Map SpriteWar Cleric
FE14 (Males)FE14 Generic Troubadour (M) Map SpriteTroubadourUse a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Troubadour.FE14 Generic Strategist (F) Map SpriteStrategist
FE14 Joker Butler Map SpriteButler
FE14 (Females)FE14 Generic Troubadour (F) Map SpriteTroubadourUse a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on a Level 10+ Troubadour.FE14 Generic Strategist (F) Map SpriteStrategist
FE14 Generic Maid Map SpriteMaid
FEWWarriors Elise spriteTroubadourUse a Master Seal FE13 IconMaster Seal on Elise.Warriors Elise spriteStrategist

Notable TroubadoursEdit

Genealogy of the Holy War/Thracia 776Edit

  • Ethlyn - The younger sister of Sigurd and Quan's wife that cares deeply for her family and has an adventurous spirit.
  • Nanna - The charismatic daughter of Lachesis who has her mother's graceful bearing.
  • Jeanne - A girl from Agustria and Finn's adopted daughter, Nanna's replacement if Lachesis dies child-less.

TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes SagaEdit

  • Mel - Roger's fiancée who left the Temple of Mars to be with him.

The Binding BladeEdit

  • Clarine - The noble daughter of Pent and Louise and younger sister of Klein who has lived a privileged life.

The Blazing BladeEdit

  • Priscilla - The daughter of Count Caerleon who is poised and gentle, yet with a jealous streak.

The Sacred StonesEdit



  • Elise - A princess of Nohr who is a bit childish but has a pure heart and keen eyes.
  • Forrest - One of the first playable male Troubadours in the series, the son of Leo, and a prince of Nohr. A fashionable boy who is a master clothing designer.
  • Dwyer - One of the first playable male Troubadours in the series, and the son of Jakob. Though lethargic and lazy, he is a masterfully trained butler and fighter with a particular affinity for brewing coffee.

Vestaria Saga IEdit

  • Neira - A mounted healer who is daughter to the usurper Tamthir.


In medieval times, troubadours were poet-musicians who recited ancient tales. However, the term "troubadour" was specifically used to refer to males, while female poet-musicians were called trobairitz.


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