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“Safety for the people of the Kingdom has been a growing concern, and Fraldarius territory is no exception. Felix has been called upon to help restore order back home.”
—Opening Narration


Felix approaches Byleth with a favor. The Duke of Fraldarius, Felix's father Rodrigue, has asked Felix to help solve a bandit problem back in Fraldarius territory, since this has become increasing problematic as of the Tragedy of Duscur. Felix wants Byleth to come along mostly to see them in action away from the training ground; he also wants Byleth to recruit more fighters to help, promising to meet them there.

Availability, Unit(s) and Suggested Level[]

Available until 2/22

Required Unit(s): Felix, Byleth

Suggested Level: 15

Initial enemies[]

Normal Difficulty

  • Mage: 1
  • Thief: 10
  • Brigand: 3
  • Brawler: 2
  • Armored Knight: 2
  • Cavalier: 1
  • Mercenary: 5
  • Assassin: 1


  • Mercenary: 1
  • Thief: 2
  • Bandit: 1

Several more potentially, if you take longer to defeat the units atop the strongholds.


  • Wo Dao
  • Bullion (If not all townspeople are saved)
  • Large Bullion (if all townspeople are saved)
  • Aegis Shield (If all townspeople are saved)


  • Fraldarius Soldiers


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Subjective: The following part of this article is based upon the editor's personal experiences and opinions, and therefore may not be applicable for all readers.

Win Condition: Defeat the enemy Commander

You Lose If: Rodrigue or Felix Dies

Rodrigue is mounted and actively pursues and attacks the enemy, so it's recommended having at least one solid flier to follow him around and make sure he has backup, or a healer with a very high Physic range (based on Mag Stat).

With how spread out the map (and the villagers, who will come under attack turn one) is, it's also convenient to bring your higher movement units, whether cavalry or flying ones.

There are three groups of two villages spread across the map, as well as Rodrigue leading one group of two Kingdom soldiers, and two more Kingdom soldiers mixed in with your starting positions. If you send half or so of your units left (per map) towards the top corner stronghold and the villagers near it, they should be able to go straight from there to the group of villagers that is at the middle left of the map. The southern villagers are between two more strongholds, each of which summons reinforcements if the stronghold unit is not the first you take out. The mage in the lower left is the unit guarding the exit tile for the villagers, or if you defeat all units before all villagers have escaped, you will win as well.