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“While Subaki is visiting his daughter, Caeldori, he hears that there are enemies running amok, and he hurries to confront them. Caeldori makes a small resolution.”
—Opening Narration

Truly Talented (The Perfect Daughter in the Japanese Version) is Paralogue 13 of Fire Emblem Fates.

Paralogue Information

This paralogue will be unlocked once Subaki has achieved an S-Support with a female character.

Caeldori joins immediately from the start of the chapter. If playing Revelation and Selena is Caeldori's mother, an additional dialogue occurs between the two.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


This map is a standard Rout the Enemy scenario consisting of Heroes, Sorcerers, and Paladins, though on map start there are only two Paladins to speak of. While many of the enemy units scale to level of where you are in the story, many of them are of much higher level, notably speaking the boss who may very well have capped out Magic if you are far enough in. While the enemy will have different weapons to compensate the power difference, the boss will have a strong weapon regardless, making him a threat to any low Resistance units.

Subaki is forced to be used in this map, and Caeldori will appear next to him once preparations have been completed. She appears holding a Swordcatcher, great for taking on the Heroes in the map, and will probably have fairly good Resistance, which could work to take on the Sorcerers. If available, use the Offspring Seal on her immediately.

The enemies in this map all use Swords and Tomes (even the Heroes who more than likely will have a C or B rank in Axes depending on difficulty), giving Lances/Naginatas, Shurikens/Daggers, and Dual Clubs the advantage in combat. The middle of the map is mostly water, with some portions of the mainland on the side having woods, giving flying units the advantage (or Takumi with the Fujin Yumi). Given the simplicity of the maps goal, just take out the enemy before they can down any of your units, though be careful about how you position your own units, as they are split up by the water. The boss himself is not locked to his position like most other bosses, so be wary of him making a move on you as well.

Because of the high levels of many of the enemies, the boss included, this can be a great place to get in any training needed for your higher leveled units if needed, though this does not mean that your lower level units are exempt from this as well.

Neither the Dragons Vein nor Reinforcements appear on this map.


  • This map has no night version so only the trees, bridges, forts, and sprites appear as if it is night. In battle it looks like night.
  • This paralogue, along with Saizo vs. Saizo and After the End, plays "Conquest" from Awakening's soundtrack during battle.