Tutoring is a new feature in Fire Emblem: Three Houses


The player sets up specialized lessons for their students with the intention of honing their skills in different fields. Players can pick from fixed curriculums or teach combinations of different study types to customize their lessons with students.

Students gain experience and knowledge, allowing them to grow in the field and potentially be able to take a Certification Exam to change their class and further enhance their skills.

Study TypesEdit

  • Sword - Teaches combat with Swords.
  • Lance - Teaches combat with Lances.
  • Axe - Teaches combat with Axes.
  • Bow - Teaches combat with Bows.
  • Fighting - Teaches combat with Gauntlets.
  • Reason - Teaches combat with Offensive Magic.
  • Faith - Teaches healing magic.
  • Authority - Teaches an unknown parameter.
  • Hvy Armor - Teaches combat in Heavy Armor.
  • Riding - Teaches combat on Horseback.
  • Flying - Teaches combat on a Flying mount.
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