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The Twelve Crusaders (十二聖戦士, Jūni Seisenshi lit. Twelve Holy Warriors) are the twelve fighters that went through blood rites with the Dragon Tribe during the Miracle of Dahna. Together, they fought and eventually overthrew the Loptrian Empire in Gran Calendar 632-648. Their heroic actions led them to be honored as gods by the people of Jugdral after their deaths.

Each of the Twelve Crusaders were gifted a weapon infused with the power of a certain member of the Dragon Tribe, and only the Crusader (or one who has inherited their power) can wield them. Also, each Crusader has a holy bloodline named after them, except Heim and Ced, whose holy blood lines are called Naga and Forseti respectively in Genealogy of the Holy War. Much like the descendants of the First Exalt and the royal families of Rigel and Zofia, individuals who bear major blood from one of the Twelve Crusaders can have a brand somewhere on their body. Those with major blood can be possessed and even resurrected by the spirit of the dragon with whom they share blood; this possession seems to cause drastic personality changes and/or amnesia in the affected person.

After the fall of the Loptrian Empire in 648, the Twelve Crusaders founded twelve nations across Jugdral. In the next year, Chalphy, Dozel, Yngvi, Velthomer, Friege, and Edda consolidated into duchies under the leadership of Belhalla, creating the Kingdom of Grannvale. Among the nations of Jugdral, only Verdane and Miletos were not founded by Crusaders.

The Twelve Crusaders, their holy weapon, the nation they founded, and the dragon with whom they blood-bonded are listed in the table below:

Crusader Holy Weapon Nation Founded Blood-Bond
Heim Book of Naga BelhallaGrannvale Naga
Baldr Tyrfing Chalphy (→Grannvale) ?
Hoðr Mystletainn Agustria ?
Od Balmung Isaach ?
Njörun Gáe Bolg Munster District ?
Dáinn Gungnir Thracia ?
Nál Helswath Dozel (→Grannvale) ?
Ullr Yewfelle Yngvi (→Grannvale) ?
Fjalar Valflame Velthomer (→Grannvale) Salamander
Thrud Mjölnir Friege (→Grannvale) ?
Ced Forseti Silesse Forseti
Bragi Valkyrie Staff Edda (→Grannvale) ?