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Ullr is one of the Twelve Crusaders, possessing the title of Bowmaster. She is the original wielder of Yewfelle and the founder of the dukedom of Yngvi.

In the first generation, Ullr's descendants are primarily represented by Lord Ring's children: Brigid, Edain, and Andrey.

Come the second generation, Febail, Patty, Lester, Lana, and Scipio are the only known descendants. Despite being of Ullr blood in lore, Scipio has no holy blood in-game.


Hundreds of years before the events of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Jugdral was ruled by the Loptrian Empire. Ullr was a revolutionary fighting against the Loptr Empire, but she was no match for the might of the Empire. Ullr and the other remaining revolutionaries barricaded themselves inside the Darna Fortress, preparing for their final battle, but twelve dragons descended upon them and granted them divine powers through a blood rite. Through this ritual, Ullr gained increased combat prowess and the ability to use the sacred bow Yewfelle. This event came to be known as the Miracle of Darna.

With their newfound boons from the dragons, Ullr and the other Crusaders successfully overthrew the Loptr Empire. Ullr's skill in battle led to her becoming known as the Bowmaster.

Following the fall of the Loptr Empire, the Crusaders founded their own nations. Ullr established the dukedom of Yngvi. Yngvi, along with dukedoms founded by fellow Crusaders Baldr, Fjalar, Bragi, Nál, and Thrud, made up the kingdom of Grannvale, which itself was founded by the Crusader Heim.


Ullr is a god of bows in Norse mythology.


  • Prior to her debut in Heroes, Ullr's gender was unknown.
  • Ullr is the first of the Twelve Crusaders to become a playable unit in Heroes.
  • Ullr is the third non Heroes original unit to debut in Heroes prior to being eligible for the Choose Your Legends voting competition, following Altina and Bramimond.


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