Umbral Beast is an enemy-only class introduced in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It is the result of Aelfric attempting to perform an incomplete Rite of Rising in order to revive Sitri, only to fuse with her body instead. The Chalice used absorbed the blood drained from the descendants of the Four Apostles, turning it into a dangerous weapon which it uses against its enemies.


Class SkillsEdit

Wolf PackEdit

FE16Umbral Leech Skill FE16Umbral Leech

Manifests Phantoms Skill FE16Manifests Phantoms
Enhanced Fortitude Skill FE16Enhanced Fortitude
FE16 Icon BarrierEssence Barrier
FE16 Icon Barrier SkillVital Defense
Death Blow FE16Death Blow
Hit 20 FE16Hit 20
Vantage FE16Vantage
Staggering Blow FE16Umbral Surge


Barrier ability.
Barrier ability.
Staggering blow; innate.
Latent ability; active when three or fewer health bars remain.
Latent ability; active when two or fewer health bars remain.

Latent ability; active when only one health bar remains.

Notable Umbral BeastsEdit


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