Fates mapEdit

Currently working on a map of the nations in Fire Emblem Fates since I like maps. Once (if) I finalize it, I'd like to use it in the nation articles at this wiki (policy permitting). Otherwise it's still a good way to spend an idle hour.

Latest rough draft:

Fates speculative nation borders
  • Nations in Fates:
    • Hoshido (Castle Shirasagi, Fort Jinya
      • Fire Tribe (AKA Flame Tribe, likely under Hoshido with some autonomy, neutral)
      • Kitsune (Described as "Hoshidan", but keep existence secret)
      • Wind Tribe (Likely under Hoshido with some autonomy, neutral)
    • Izumo (Shared border with Hoshido)
    • Mokushu (South of Izumo, seemingly coastal with access to port town)
      • Kohga (Conquered by Mokushu)
    • Nestra (Border with Nohr somewhere between Cyrkensia and Cheve)
    • Nohr
      • Cheve (Conquered by Nohr, active resistance)
      • Ice Tribe (Under Nohr, formerly autonomous but increasingly oppressed and now in rebellion)
      • Wolfskin (Mount Garou, within Nohrian territory)
    • Notre Sagesse (Conquered by Nohr in Conquest)
    • Valla (Within Bottomless Canyon, include on map?)
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