My name is Codefreak5. I play video games. I do other things as well. They are not important.

I accidentally landed myself the job of fixing the new stat templates for the characters several months ago. However, my inexperience caused me to make several errors regarding correct source formatting, including breaking formatting rules which I was unaware of at the time (i.e. not using nor being aware of templates, including needless spaces, and misunderstanding the order "put everything on one line"). Because of this, I have quit my de facto job as a template fixer - a position which I never intended to have in the first place - and allowed more experienced people to edit in my place. I may have been "removed" from the position regardless of this decision anyway; either way, I am not editing anything anymore.

Since the experienced editors have also gone ahead and started fixing my formatting-related errors, I will stay out of their way.

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