Hey! I'm an active user here. Unlike a lot of people on here I specilize in adding length and detail to articles, I add paragrphs worth of information to lacking articles daily to make them more interesting and useful. I usually build on the basic articles here that have been left as stubs. I have played all of the english released Fire Emblem games and have a vast knowedge on the games.

I origanally became interested in the Fire Emblem series after purchasing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn brand new at a store because I was bored and was looking for a new Wii game to play, I choose it simply because it looked remotely like what i liked in a game. Since then I managed to collect Fire Emblem: Rekka No Ken, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and Fire Emblem: Path Of Radiance (respectively in that order). I have completed all of the games and am working on the bonus features (Support Data, Hector's Hard Mode, etc...) for the games.

I suspose I could ask right here to be made an Admin or Mod or something like everyone else does, which would be nice, don't get me wrong. But that's not why I'm here, I'm here to make this site a great resource to Fire Emblem players. Although I wouldn't mind that at all XD.

I am Canadian and live in Canada, the big peaceful country with the leaves and the beavers and the hockey. I am currently in Secondary School (Highschool) and am writing a novel. If you somehow find out I'm on feel to message me or something... I'm bored...

I do many Chapter descriptions that can be found here:

Chapters (Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance)

List of chapters in Fire Emblem: Fuin no Tsurugi

Articles I have worked on (I only list those of which I have written over 80% of). The Pages are organized here by what they are:

Radiant Dawn:

Amy (Non-Playable Character): Amy

Meg (Character): Meg

The Nintendo Wii: Wii

Blood Pact (Story Device): Blood Pact

Path Of Radiance:

Brom (Character): Brom

Largo (Character): Largo

Nados Castle (Location): Nados Castle

Marhaut Mountain Range (Location): Marhaut Mountain Range

Gritnea Tower (Location): Gritnea Tower

Bryce (Enemy): Bryce

Tauroneo (Character): Tauroneo

Gatrie (Character): Gatrie

Haar (Character): Haar

Daein (Country): Daein

Rajaion (Non-Playable Character): Rajaion

Astrid (Character): Astrid

Lucia (Character): Lucia

Devdan (Character): Devdan

Geoffrey (Character): Geoffrey

Rhys (Character): Rhys

Titania (Character): Titania

Castle Crimea (Location): Castle Crimea

The Sacred Stones:

Bonewalker (Monster, Class): Bonewalker

Tarvos (Monster, Class): Tarvos (creature)

Revenant (Monster, Class): Revenant

Jehanna Hall (Location): Jehanna Hall

Rennac (Character): Rennac

Garcia (Character): Garcia

Dozla (Character): Dozla

Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken:

Brendan Reed (Non-Playable Character): Brendan Reed

Uncle Jan (Non-Playable Character): Uncle Jan

Denning (Enemy): Denning

Wire (Enemy): Wire

Bernard (Enemy): Bernard

Bauker (Enemy): Bauker

Natalie (Non-Playable Character): Natalie

Aion (Enemy): Aion

Oleg (Enemy): Oleg

Roland (Non-Playable Character): Roland

Fire Emblem Fuin No Tsurugi:

Bartre (Character): Bartre

Khathelet (Lycian Territory): Khathelet

Ciaran (Lycian Territory): Ciaran

Laus (Lycian Territory): Laus

Badon (Lycian Territory): Badon

Damas (Enemy): Damas

Rude (Enemy): Rude

Slater (Enemy): Slater

Erik (Enemy): Erik

Dory (Enemy): Dory

Wagner (Enemy): Wagner

Devias (Enemy): Devias

Leygance (Enemy): Leygance


Bard (Class): Bard

Brigand (Class): Brigand

Pirate (Class): Pirate

Black Dragon (Class): Black Dragon

Magic Seal (Class): Magic Seal

Rogue (Class): Rogue

Queen (Class): Queen (Playable class)

Summoner (Class): Summoner

Journeyman (Class): Journeyman

Weapons, Magic and Staves:

Javelin (Lance): Javelin

Heal (Staff): Heal

Mend (Staff): Mend

Vague Katti (Sword): Vague Katti

Killer Lance (Lance): Killer Lance

Laguzslayer (Sword): Laguzslayer


Antitoxin (Item): Antitoxin

Vulnerary (Item): Vulnerary

Olivi Grass (Item): Olivi Grass

Pure Water (Item): Pure Water

Door Key (Item): Door Key

Lockpick (Item): Lockpick

Ninis' Grace (Item): Ninis' Grace

Concoction (Item): Concoction

Full Guard (Equipable, Item): Full Guard

Light Rune (Item): Light Rune

Skills and Abilities:

Steal (Skill): Steal

Dance (Ability): Dance

Reinforce (Skill): Reinforce

Aether (Mastery Skill): Aether

Vantage (Skill): Vantage

Renewal (Skill): Renewal

Staples Of The Series:

Magical Tomes: Tome

Poison (Status Condition): Poison

Doors (Feature Of FE Series): Door

Wyvern (Creature): Wyvern

Lance (Weapon Type): Lance


Advance Wars (Video Game Series): Advance Wars

Boss Abuse (Gaming Strategy): Boss Abuse

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