Hello! Fire Emblem: Awakening is my first game in this series, and I enjoy contributing game scripts from the North American (English) localization. I use the Monobook skin, and avoid WYSIWYG (including rich-text) editors if possible.

I am currently concerning myself with the format standardization of support conversations and select Xenologue scripts in Awakening, in addition to contributing whenever possible. If you would like to discuss formatting with me (or anything involving my edits), please drop me a message on my talk page.

Script FormattingEdit

While no agreed-upon format exists for scripts, I prefer them like the (bogus) example below (intentional line breaks are to avoid page-stretching). If the script's source isn't formatted similarly, I will change it accordingly. It is a long and arduous process, but I will eventually finish. XD

===With [[Laurent]]===
====X Support====
*'''Avatar:''' Hello Laurent, what brings you—
*'''Laurent:''' "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"—a commonly known
phrase that exercises the use of every letter in the alphabet...that at the same
time, is easily understood by readers. ...Finding phrases such as this is 
paramount in my research, ''Avatar''.
*''(Laurent leaves)''
*'''Avatar:''' —here? ...... I think he needs to get out more...

====Y Support====

====Z Support====

===With [[Noire]]===
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